Saving aLife

Cam Parker has had it rough, and she has a dark secret that nobody else knows about, she is faced with all of these life decisions, and doenst know what to do! She is ready to just drop, and give up, but "something, or someone gives her the last ounce of hope that she needs to pull threw everything.


3. First time memories

I remembered the day that I first met Calub, it was when I was going to school as a freshmen. He was a senior, and he made all of the girls in the school drool over him, and of coarse so did I.

Sometimes I am so happy that I met him, and others I wish I would of rather dies then live either of the lives I was stuck with. He took me away from my "home" if that is what you want to call it. He gave me one, and kept me safe, but that simple illusion wore off fast.

He was captain of all the sports teams in highschool, and every girls dream guy. I loved him from the first moment I saw him, and nothing could make me change my mind about that. I loved who he used to be, I guess.

He was sweet, and I was captian of the basketball team. I always seen him in the gym with his friends messing around with the basketball, and then one day he asked me if I wanted to play.

I will never forget that day, it was one of the happiest of my life, and I wish I could relive it every single day of my life, but I knew that that Calub was long gone. He let me win, don't forget he is 6'7, and beast. I laughed so much that day, and then he asked me out. I wasn't to popular with the girls when we started dating, but it was perfect for me.

He took me to the beach, and we layed on the sand next to a bonfire that he built. It was so cute, nobody else was there, and we talked all night. I told him everything about me, and I knew everything about him by the end of the night. I remember running into the water with him as he scooped me up in his arms, and we kissed. I missed him, and I knew that this wasn't him, but maybe one day everything will go back to normal.

My life was so perfect with him in it at that time, but when is there such thing as perfect? The first time he hit me was at a party. Some guy was talking to me, and he thought that something was going to happen. He started to pound the guy, and the guy was my size. I tried to pull him off of him, and he swung at me. Nobody dared to even try touch him, and I don't blame them, I wouldn't of if I was them. He was a monster, and he sent that kid to the hospital for a month.

He was never scared of anything, and why should he be, he always got what he wanted.

He even made Ken stop talking to me at one point in time. Me, and Ken were walking back from lunch, and he came to school to pick me up. One of Calub's friends had seen me and Ken out, and said that we were on a date.

Calub beat the shit out of Ken, but Ken stood up for me even when he was on the ground. He has always been there for me, and he is the only person that hasn't hurt me, or walked out on me, and I loved him, I truly did. I am happy he didn't give up on me, because if he did I probably would have killed myself by now.

Me, and Calub have had so many bad moment, that it was hard to remember if there was ever any happy ones. There were, but no way in hell did they make of for anything he has ever done to me. He was all I had left in this world besides Ken, and he was gone.

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