Saving aLife

Cam Parker has had it rough, and she has a dark secret that nobody else knows about, she is faced with all of these life decisions, and doenst know what to do! She is ready to just drop, and give up, but "something, or someone gives her the last ounce of hope that she needs to pull threw everything.


4. Back to the old?

I looked at myself in the mirror, and was disgusted with what I saw back in the reflection. I turned on the shower, so that it was hot, and scrubbed every single inch of me clean, and washed my hair.

I scanned my body, and it looked like I had just come out of a car accident. Scraped up, and down my stomach, and burn marks all over my arms from when I was little. Bruised covered my arms, and legs. The bruises were the worst kind I have ever seen in my life, and I couldn't bare to look at them. Every time I saw them I started crying, and the scars were just permanent reminders of what I had gone through.

I despised Calub with every ounce of my being, and he knew that I did I think. I had a scar across my shoulder, and it was hideous, I started to touch over it, it was disgusting, and it was a night that haunted my dreams everysingle night of my life.

He came home drunk one night, and I don't know what happened but I had never seen him more mad. He stumbled into our room, and demanded that we had sex. I refused so many times, but he didn't care.

I closed my eyes, and pushed him off of me, he walked out of the room, and came back into the room with a kitchen knife. He sliced my shoulder opened, "NOW YOU WILL LISTEN TO WHAT I TELL YOU!?" He screamed at me over, and over again.

I lost consciousness but not fast enough, I still not fast enough. I was awake threw all of that pain, and the next day the only thing he said to me was "sORRY"

I let go of the scar, the memory was just to painful for me to bare, and I started to whimper a bit.

I put on a pair of sweats, and a baggy sweater when I was going out, that way nobody would ever ask about the bruises. This time he left my face swollen, and that was impossible to hide. I always went to the weekly farmers market to visit Ken, and he was always happy to see me.

He knew what was happening with me, and Calub, but I begged him to keep his mouth shut.

Ken always told me that I could stay with him if I ever wanted to leave Calub, but Ken wasn't exactly in the best home situation right now either. He lived in a small house with his mom who was to sick to work now, and 4 little sisters. There was no way he could handle taking in another mouth to feed, and I wouldn't ever burden him like that.

I got to the farmers market, and there he was. I didn't even hesitate, I ran up behind him, and hugged him so tightly , that I hope if hurt. He turned around, and hugged me back. It felt so nice, and I missed everything about him. He was like my big brother.

 "What the hell did he do to you!?" He said in a whispered yell.

"It's nothing" I said as I looked down at the ground trying to hide my hideous face from him.

"Cam show me right now" He grabbed my face, and tilted it up towards him.

"Jesus Christ Cam! Go to a hospital please, I can take you there right now."

"No" He didn't let me continue, he picked me up, and threw me over his shoulder carrying me to his crappy little car." I even missed his shitty car.

I could tell he was mad, and the whole car ride was awkward.

After we got out of the hospital I found out that He had fractured one of my ribs, and my leg bone was cracked a little bit. It was so hard to tell where the pain was coming from anymore, because to be honest my body was like one big sore spot.

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