Before They Were: One Direction

In a bakery. As a waiter. Teenage girls all over the world have fallen in love with this British-Irish boy band. But how much do they know about their backgrounds? Five boys, five stories. Which one will be the most interesting to hear about?

Bibliography (information from): One Direction: What Makes You Beautiful


4. Niall

                  Niall James Horan is the only Irish member of One Direction and the only blonde. Niall was raised in Mullingar and is the son of a butcher. At the age of 10, Niall began to sing in the car and thought he sounded pretty good. That is when he knew he had talent.

                  Niall doesn't only sing. He also plays the guitar. Niall had a bad case of "Irish teeth" which lead to him needing braces to get his adorable smile. When auditioning for The X Factor, Niall sang "So Sick of Love Songs" by Ne-Yo. Louis, a judge on The X Factor, put Katy Perry on the spot by quickly saying that 'Yes', and luckily Katy said 'Yes' as well and 16 year old Niall moved on. 

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