Before They Were: One Direction

In a bakery. As a waiter. Teenage girls all over the world have fallen in love with this British-Irish boy band. But how much do they know about their backgrounds? Five boys, five stories. Which one will be the most interesting to hear about?

Bibliography (information from): One Direction: What Makes You Beautiful


2. Liam

              Liam James Payne was born prematurely and had several health issues as a baby, in which he only has one working kidney. "I've still got both kidneys, but one doesn't work, so I have to be careful not to drink to much, not even water, and I have to keep myself as healthy as possible." Liam said to the author of One Direction: What Makes You Beautiful.

              At age fourteen, Liam auditioned for The X Factor and made it as far as the judges' houses, but around that time Simon told him he was to young and old him to wait a couple of years before trying again. So in 2010, Liam returned to The X Factor and sang 'Cry Me A River' by Michael Buble and made it past all four judges.

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