Emmy is 14 years old she love one direction she lives in an orphanage because her dad tried killing her when she was six after her mom died in a car accident. She goes to a one direction meet and greet and she thought that it was the best day ever but not until Louis comes to the orphanage to adopt her. I hope you enjoy :-)


1. The nightmare

Emmy's POV

Daddy! A helpless 6 year old girl said. shut the F up. he said.please daddy stop! She begged. I said shut up! he said as he held a load gun to her headshe screamed. that's it he said harshly. he slowly pulled the trigger.
I woke in tears as all the girls in the orphanage surround me. whats wrong? Julia my close friend said. are you alright. another girl asked. n-nothing it w-was j-j-just a nightmare. I said. don't worry. said Julia. o-Kay. I said. now go back to sleep. said our orphanage owner mrs. Black.

I fell into a deep and dreamless slumber

************in the morning*************
Breakfast is ready Emmy! Said Mrs. Black coming! I yeld back I got up and stretched my arms. today is the best day ever. because I get to meet one direction at a meet and greet at the mall. hopefully mrs. Black lets me go. I got up and looked for clothes. I chose a plain white tank top some skinny jeans and combat boots. I put my hair in a messy bun and I walked downstairs. breakfast is in the dinning room. said mrs. Black ok. I said and walked into the dinning room. it was plain Cheerios... again. I ate them quickly and put my bowl in the kitchen. then I went and saw mrs. Black. can I go to the mall? I asked why do you need to go to the mall? Asked mrs. Black well there is this meet and greet for my favorite band. well I guess so. she said what time is it at? she asked 2:00. I said ok just be back by 5:00. she said thank you. I said no problem. mrs. Brown said. I am super excited.


Hey guys I hope you like this story so far !

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