Thanks Anyway

I'm in love with him. I don't know if he likes me back, but either way, it's really hard not knowing how he feels. The signals come out mixed. But I really want him. And I won't let anything stop me from getting him.


1. Mr Casanova

Hunter's POV

"Aren't they hot?" Holly nudges me as the five most popular guys in the school walk by.

My nose crinkles. "Nah, not really."

She scoffs. "I know you have a thing for Niall."

I feel the heat rise in my cheeks. "So? He's a genuinely nice person. Unlike Mr Casanova there." I point at the "leader", Harry Styles. He's famous for dating up to five a week, dumping them all the next day, the hunting for more willing victims. It's so easy for those boys, to get girls, they could pick their noses and attract them. But Louis and Zayn have long-term girlfriends, and Niall and Liam just aren't like that. But I've always fancied Niall Horan. Since kindergarten, when we were all booger-eating brats. 

She kicks me under the table. "Shush! Just because you've only got one friend!"

Wow. That stings. Only because it's true. I only have her. She must have realized too, because her face softens. "Sorry babe."

"Babe? I'm not BABE."

"Yes you are," 'Mr Casanova' calls out from the other side of the cafeteria. "Babe, get me a bottle of water will you?"

I'm about to swear so loudly I could lose my voice, but something stops me. "Okay." I get up and buy a bottle of water.

He smiles when I reach him. "Oh, thanks, Babe." He goes to grab it, but I pull it out of his reach. He laughs. "Come on."

"Okay." I open it and am about to hand it to him, but again I pull it out of reach. This time when he asks for it, I turn it over and pour the water onto his lap. The cheesiest thing you could do, but at least I did. When the last drop lands on his now soaked pants, I grab five dollars from my back pocket and press it to his chest. "You must be hydrated now. And maybe you could buy yourself some decent clothes with that money. Goodbye Mr Styles." He's about to slap me, or something, but right now he just looks like a fish out of water. He's never been humiliated in his life apparently. I turn around and march back to my table, chin up.

I can hear them whispering and staring. I hate attention. I decide to just leave, I'm not hungry anymore. As I push through the doors though, I can feel all eyes boring into the back of my head. Great, now I'm the talk of the school.

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