I would (Jason McCann Story)

Jason McCann isn't your average boy. He's mysterious, has many secrets and he doesn't let people in his life. His life is different than any others. Everyone warns Heaven to stay away from him. But something makes him special and Heaven is determined to figure him out.

"If I could take away the pain and put a smile on your face. Baby I wouild. Baby I would."


2. Something makes him special


"Heaven, wake up sweetie. You gotta go to school." My mom said, lightly shaking me. 

I groaned and opened my eyes. My mom kissed my head and left my room. I got up and walked to the bathroom. I took off my clothes and stepped into the shower. The hot water hit my skin. I washed my body and my hair. When I was done, I stepped out the shower and dried my body. I put on my clothes and did my hair. I took my bag and walked down the stairs. My mom was in the kitchen. 

"Goodmorning, mom." I said, kissing her cheek. 

"Goodmorning." She smiled. 

"You excited for school?" She asked as I was eating.

"I don't know." I replied.

"You'll be fine. Don't worry. You will have new friends soon."

I nodded and looked at the time. 

"I gotta go." I said, getting up and taking my bag.

"Bye Heaven." My mom said.

I kissed her cheek and left the house. 

I don't know if I'm excited. But I'm hoping I see that cute boy of yesterday again and after school, I'm definitely going back to the lake. I don't think my mom won't mind and maybe I see him again. 

I finally found my locker and opened it to put my books in it. I took my schedule. English first. I looked at the time. Only 5 minutes to find the classroom. This can't be hard right? Oh boy. I was wrong. I couldn't find it. 

"Need any help?" A voice spoke. 

I turned around and a girl stood in front of me. 

"Yes, please. I can't find my class." I said. 

"You're new right?" She asked.

"Yes. I'm Heaven." 

"Nice to meet you. I'm Alice. Let me see your schedule."

I handed her my schedule. She looked at it for a minute.

"You're lucky. You have a lot of classes with me and follow me. I have english now as well." She said and led the way. 



Alice is really nice and she showed me around school. I hate being the new girl at school. Everyone looks at you and wants to know who you are. And they ask why you moved and stuff. It's so annoying. 

"And this is the cafeteria." she finally said as we walked into a room where everyone was eating and talking. 

Alice looked around. 

"There's a free table. C'mon." She said and dragged me to the table.

She sat down in front of me.

"You need to know a few things."

"Okay. Spill."

"Do NOT eat food from here unless you wanna get sick. The food here is gross. Don't go sit at the popular table. It's forbidden. Stay away from the guys from the football team. They're such a flirt and they only want you for the sex. So stay away from them." She told me.

"Okay. Good to know." I said.

I looked around and noticed a boy sitting alone at a table. I looked again and noticed it was the same boy I saw yesterday at the lake. He's cute okay? 

"Looking at McCann I see." Alice said, causing me to look at her.

"Who?" I asked.

"Jason McCann. The boy you were just looking at. I wouldn't talk to him if I were you. Something isn't right about him. He hasn't any friends and he barely talks. He's so quiet. Nobody talks to him." 

I looked at him again. He was wearing supras, a jeans, a white shirt and a hoodie. 

"He doesn't look bad." I thought out loud. 

"Maybe he doesn't. But he is. If he wasn't, then why doesn't he have any friends?"

"Maybe because everyone judges him without knowing who he really is?" It came out more of question than a statement. 

She thought for a second.

"Maybe you're right. Anyway. You wanna hang out after school tonight?" 

"No, I can't. Sorry. I still have to unpack some stuff." I lied.

I already have everything unpacked. I just want to go to the lake ALONE to see if Jason is there. 

"Okay. Maybe another time." 

The bell rang and we went to our class. Math. Here I come. 


'Mom, I'm home!" I yelled as I closed the front door.

"In the kitchen." she yelled back. 

I put down my bag and walked into the kitchen.

"Hey mom. Is it okay if I go do my homework at the lake? It's there really quiet." I asked.

She looked at me.

"Sure. I'll text you when dinner's ready." 

"Okay. I'm just gonna grab my iPod."

I went upstairs, took my iPod and left the house. 


I arrived at the lake and sat down on the grass this time. I looked around. I was alone. Well that's what I thought. I took my notebook out my bag and started doing my homework. Just awesome. I get homework on the first day of my new school. But oh well. I'll make it. Don't wanna get in trouble the first week, do we? 

I was focused on this math problem when I heard footsteps behind me. I turned my head to see Jason. Apparently he comes here a lot. I looked back at my paper. Why do we even learn this shit? It's not like I'm gonna need it in the future. I won't even remember it when I'm older. 

I let out a deep sigh and my hands went through my hair. This shit is so fucking hard.

"Fuck it." I mumbled.

I heard a soft chuckle, coming from besides me making me turn my head. 

"What?" I asked.

Jason smirked and shook his head while looking down. What's he doing?

"Why don't you answer me?" I asked again.

He looked at me and didn't reply for a few minutes.

"It's better no to talk to me." He finally spoke.

I'm confused. Why should I not talk to him? He isn't that bad. Well he looks like he isn't. 

"But why not?" 

"You better don't. Okay?!" He kinda yelled.

Okay. Now he scared me. 


"Leave me alone." He said. 

Bipolar much? First nice and now all bitchy and snappy? Maybe I shouldn't talk to him, but something about him makes him special. The thing is I don't know what. It's like I can't stop thinking about him and I don't even know him. He's always on my  mind. This boy has something and I'm gonna figure out what.


I just wanted to say that this story is popular on Wattpad.com and Quotev.com


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