Evelyn is a young woman finding her way in Victorian Britain, her wealthy father has had her life planned out for her since she was a babe in arms, but now she is older and can make her own decisions is what daddy wants what's best for?
Evelyn is not one to follow tradition and so embarks on a mission to find the perfect man with the correct social standing to keep her father happy, even if this means lying a little more often than she should...


2. Talk of the Future

The streets of London were grimy to say the least, even in the "proper areas" as Evelyn liked to call them. The carriage sloshed through the streets lined with a thick layer of melting snow and the excrement of paupers. The wheels spraying up spurts of putrid slush behind them. Ona looked up at Evelyn brushing the girls cheek lightly in a motion which made Evelyn look up.

"It is almost your 18th birthday, you shall be a woman soon." said Ona, her voice dripping with pride for she had raised the girl into a fine young woman.

"Please do not remind me. I have always said how I never wish to grow old and now, well... I feel old"

"Well if your old then what does that make me?" giggled Ona, the years had been kind to the nanny now nearly 60 with not a wrinkle to her brow... well, not many.

"I am sorry Ona it's just marriage is surely round the corner and I am not yet ready for commitment. My years are all ahead of me and while I do not wish to spend them alone I do also not wish to spend them with a man I do not love." Evelyn was clearly very headstrong and not willing to back down from her deeply routed opinions.

"Dear, I wish you not to become an old spinster like I, for that would surely break my heart to see you unmarried till my dying day."

"I'm sure you will not be disappointed Ona dearest for my father is surely to see me wed within the year. There must be some other way." A tear dropped from the corner of her glistening eye. She let her emotions get the better of her.

And so, sobbing in the arms of her carer, Evelyn made her way homeward with frightful prospects bursting in her head.

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