Evelyn is a young woman finding her way in Victorian Britain, her wealthy father has had her life planned out for her since she was a babe in arms, but now she is older and can make her own decisions is what daddy wants what's best for?
Evelyn is not one to follow tradition and so embarks on a mission to find the perfect man with the correct social standing to keep her father happy, even if this means lying a little more often than she should...


1. Silk Gloves

Evelyn Dorkins Picked up the exquisite silk gloves from the display table and her heart almost skipped a beat. She was not sure why she was so enthralled by the delicate ensembles, but she was and she just had to have them.

"How much for these please" she inquired as she slipped the silken wonders over her slender hands. They fitted her fingers perfectly whilst not restricting any of their crucial movement. This fact just increased her adoration of the gloves.

"This particular pair madam is a one off example of the finest of ladies gloves. The creator of these beauties died only a few weeks ago madam so I am afraid this is the last pair that he ever made, so that will of course bump up the price." answered the sly looking shop attendant.

"I'll thank you not to play tricks of that kind when in my presence!" boomed Ona, Evelyn's nanny of many years who always accompanied her on shopping excursions to ensure that she remained safe and did not make any foolish  faux pas "I've heard this scam before, I wager that the maker of these gloves is very much still alive "madam" and that he would be more than willing to make my little Evelyn a pair for a far less extravagant price than you shall ever offer me. So shall we make a deal or should I take my business else where."

The Attendant looked very sheepish and taken aback by Ona's forefront manner. 

"The gloves are still of the finest quality madam, so the price may still be not to your liking, I will fetch Miss Ashdown, she is the woman in charge of any negotiations of price" The Attendant's voice had depleted to no more than a whisper by this point and she slunk behind the velvet curtain, presumably to fetch the Miss Ashdown she had spoken of.

"Good morning ladies, I have heard that you are interested in purchasing these wonderful Garments. Shall we talk price?" Miss Ashdown was a stocky middle-aged woman of broad stature. She wore a lacy purple dress with a neck line far to low for Ona's liking; the fine dress was in total contrast to the woman's decidedly ugly face.

"May I suggest that you teach your employees the value of honesty Miss Ashdown" Ona suggested with a stern brow.

"I'm sure I don't know what you mean," retaliated Miss Ashdown still carrying her beastly, obviously forced, smile "Those gloves you wish to Buy from us are priced at £2 and 5 shillings, this price is, however, a little negotiable." Miss Ashdown had obviously requested a ridiculous sum.

"£2 and not a penny more shall we pay," Ona Uttered shooting a glance at Evelyn who instinctively nodded in agreement as she did every time Ona was Bargaining.

"Very well Madam, I do not wish to bereave your little Evelyn of these exquisite things!" She said this in a coaxing tone, obviously hoping that they would buy more, but Ona was to clever for her tricks.

The gloves were wrapped and paid for. It was on the journey back that curious conversations began to erupt...

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