Because every cloud has a silver lining..

When 14 year old Willa joins a new school, she makes friends. And enemies. Before long everything starts to go down hill. More enemies, some frenemies but no friends. What happens on Willa's journey that makes everything turn out like a nightmare and will it ever be okay again?

A shocking story full of twists and turns. Be prepared for a story that you didn't expect.


2. You Deserved It

Lunch time has come around and I’m walking into the cafeteria and buying the lunch that equals ultimate fatty. Before we moved here I promised myself that I would go on a diet and lose all of that weight that I gained so easily. If it was effortlessly put on then it should be easy to get rid of. Right? Sandra eyes my plate and her mouth drops open in surprise. “You eat a LOT!” she said. I replied with an unattractive grunt and started eating my pie. I managed to eat two pies, three juices and three fruit parfaits. I am about to start my fourth parfait when someone taps me on the shoulder.  I turn around to see Laura, Monique and Christina. I start turning back to my parfait when Laura claws me by the shoulder and pulls me back around. I knock her hand off and she glares at me. She starts to talk. “What you did this morning was really rude.” I replied back “Well, you deserved it.” All of a sudden her hand flew up and struck me across the face. “That wasn’t called for”. I said. An evil smile came across her face as she said “well, you deserved it” and walked away. I turned, grabbed my parfait and chucked it at the wall in front of me. The cup shattered, followed by the loud noise of the table being pushed over. Everyone turned to look at me as I storm out of the room, not caring about the mess that I just made. I made my way to the closest bathroom with Sandra hot on my heels. I ran into a cubicle and slammed the door shut, slightly making it crack at the hinges. Sandra gently knocks on the door urging me to come out and telling me that it will all be ok. I know that it won’t and she’s just trying to make me feel better. I stay, locked in the cubicle with my head against the door. I got over and sit on the toilet. It doesn’t take me long to drift off to sleep and I’m snoring loudly. I get woken up by the loud sound of the bell signalling that it was afternoon tea break.  I wipe the drool off my mouth and rub my eyes. Wow, I can’t believe that I actually just slept through two entire classes. I open the door and head to the basin to wash my face. It’s not until I’m drying my face when I hear a quiet sobbing coming from the end cubicle. I walk down to find it open and when I look inside I find someone that I didn’t expect to see. Laura is sitting on the floor, crying quietly, her head buried in her knees. “Laura, are you ok?” I ask her. She replies with “Go away and stay away. Nobody can see me like this. Especially you.” She stands up, pushes me out of the way and walks out of the door leaving me standing alone.

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