Because every cloud has a silver lining..

When 14 year old Willa joins a new school, she makes friends. And enemies. Before long everything starts to go down hill. More enemies, some frenemies but no friends. What happens on Willa's journey that makes everything turn out like a nightmare and will it ever be okay again?

A shocking story full of twists and turns. Be prepared for a story that you didn't expect.


1. A New Beginning

I walked through the halls, eyeing my new classmates. It’s my first day here, I’m starting year nine and I know no-one. A girl with curly brown hair pops up in front of me. “Hi, I’m Sandra Mercer, what’s your name? I should be in your class. We are the same age aren’t we?  Fourteen. You are fourteen right?” She finally stopped and took a deep breath. I replied in my best tone “Hi, yeah I am 14. My names Willomena Rollender, but you can just call me Willa.” She smiles a bit too cheerfully, grabs my hand and pulls me along to the school office. When we get there she whispers something to the lady at the desk and then leads me through an open door. I find myself in a room with a table, a water cooler, 3 chairs and 3 people to fill them, one being myself. I take my seat and Sandra sits next to me. Across the table from us is a chirpy woman, with a wide smile spread across her face. I’m guessing she is the headmistress. She tells me all about the school, the people in it and my classes. Eventually it’s over and she hands me my timetable. Before I know it, I’m out the door with Sandra puling me along to homeroom.  As we walk, I look around at all of the faces that are gawking at me like some alien from outer space. I hear girls laughing at my clothes and my hair cut and I figure out that they are the ones who have the best everything and think that they are the best. The popular ones as some people like to say. I don’t know how people like that become popular. It doesn’t make sense. They make people like me realise all our imperfections. Make us feel like dirt. The girls come up to me and tug on my clothes and pull rude faces at me. They look stupid. I start laughing at them and soon the whole corridor is double over in laughter. Sandra says “That’s Laura, Monique and Christina. They like to think that they are the cool people. It takes a lot of courage to stand up to them. Good job girl, I think that you’ll find yourself fitting in in no time.” She flashes me a pearly white, friendly smile.  For the first time today I find myself smiling at something. My prayers might have actually been answered. I might actually make friends.

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