Wanna be your everything.

Amy and her best friend Cece are going to live with Amy's aunt for the summer in L.A. They fly from rainy England to sunny L.A. One day they find out that their neighbours are the famous R5 which they're also going to a concert with. Amy and Ross starts to have feelings for each other. But one day Amy ends up in the hospital. What will happen afterwards? What happens when they finds out Amy lost her memory and doesn't remember the last two months of her life? Will everything go back to normal or will her memory be lost forever?

**I'm making this with my best friend so lots of credit to her!**


1. L.A baby.

Amy's POV.

Today my best friend Cecelia is coming and it'll be so amazing because we are going to California! We're going to stay at my aunt Phoebes' house the whole summer. But not only are we going to stay three months in lovely L.A we are also going to R5 concert! I honestly can't wait. 

There's only two hours until Cece'll be here and we're leaving tomorrow. I'm just scared that if we meet R5 that Cece will scare them away... You see Cece is.. Um a bit weird to say it nicely. But I love her anyways. 

I really miss my aunt a lot! I haven't seen her in ages. I really hope I'll get a tan before we go to the R5 concert.. I look like a snowball. 

"Amy! Why is our room so messy?!" My twin brother Robin shouted.

"Shut it Robin! Maybe because you're really messy?! Have you thought about that?" I asked him. He just sighed and walked towards the door. "Rob wait a second! You're going to sleep in Austin's room tonight 'cause Cece's coming over and I don't want your boredom  to effect her." I chuckled. He just sighed.

"Why are you even friends with her? She is so weird." He said and put his hands into his jeans which were way too small for him. My twin really is a nerd and a massive one.

"Maybe you're just boring." I smiled. He finally left after he tried to convince me that Cece's weird but I don't care what he has to say. 

The doorbell rang and I almost fell down the stairs. I opened the door and right in front of me was a very wet Cece. "Did you know I hate rain?" She asked and frowned. I just giggled and she stepped inside. Her blonde hair was wet and her yellow raincoat was soaked. She took of the wet coat, shoes and socks and dropped them on the floor . "I'm starving." She cried. 

"You eat all the freaking time and you're as thin as a stick!" I exclaimed.

"It's a gift." She said simply and walked towards the kitchen. I heard a loud noise. 

"Cece what did you break?!" I shouted. I ran into the kitchen and saw a flour covered Cece in the middle of the kitchen. "How did you manage to do that?" I asked confused. She just shrugged and began to dust the flour off of herself. 

"I'll order some pizza! Do you want some Aim-Bear?" Cece asked and grabbed her phone. I just nodded and she called and ordered four pizzas since my parents weren't home. 

The doorbell rand and Cece ran out to pay the delivery guy some money for the food. She sat down on the floor and started to eat hear pizza like she hadn't eaten all day. Sometimes I wonder if there's an extra person inside of her... "Austin! Robin! Dinners here!" I shouted and soon enough two dummies ran down the stairs. 

"Hi Cece!" Austin said. She just nodded since she had a whole slice of pizza in her mouth. Yummy. I sat down next her and started to eat. When we were done Cece and I walked up to my room and started to pack some of my things.

When we were done we changed into out pjs and jumped into bed. I was almost sleeping when Cece whispered something but I was too tired to respond. I can't wait for tomorrow.


A/N Soooo I made this with my best friend Amy!❤  I hope you like it! Xx

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