Hospital Whiteness

I remember how dizzy I was. I could barely keep my eyes open. The sounds of the loud sirens were fading. The ambulance was shaking, driving so fast, the doctors could barely keep their balance. I had this big, white mask over my mouth, helping me breathe normally. I ignored the whole situation and just disappeared into a half sleeping condition. My mother stood on my right side, held my hand. Black tears of mascara were pouring down her face. You could see the look of her face was screaming. She was almost screaming, but held it back. She held my hand tighter and tighter, in hopes of it would keep me awake and sane. I was scared, but at the same time, I was too exhausted to stay awake in the situation.


11. Arms of an angel

I hid from the nurses. Next to some stairs, there was a map of the hospital.

I memorized it and ran. I ran upstairs. No one was there. The coast was clear, as people say.

It was six o’clock, so everyone ate. I ran up the stairs. They went round and round forever.

I almost lost my breath, but I had to continue. It was my only chance.

The stairs ended, but I wasn’t on top yet.

I searched the floor, that the stairs had stopped on. Everyone was in the dining room, so I had nothing to worry about. I looked around and eventually found an elevator.

The elevator door opened and made the sound of a bell, just like the hospitals exits.

Before I knew it, I was on top.

The sky was orange and yellow. There wasn’t a single cloud to spot on it. I could see everything from up there. The whole town was beautiful from that view. I shed a tear. A little tear went down my cold cheek. I admired the view. I was freezing, cold, but it wasn’t windy at all. I was shivering. My cold hands were holding each other.

I closed my eyes for a few seconds to enjoy the moment. That one perfect moment. I was enchanted by silence. The peace and quiet atmosphere. I opened my eyes, and saw something at the edge of the roof. A shadow looked at me. It had no face. It was dark, but faded a bit into the background of the orange painted sundown. My heart kicked slower and slower. I felt it slow down the rhythm. I knew what was happening. I knew the shadow was trying to tell me something. I knew it would happen sooner or later. The shadow opened its arms to greet me. Everything was already getting ridiculous, so I thought: “Why not?”

I felt like taking a chance. I walked slowly towards it. It opened its arms even wider, for every step I took.

My hands temperature raise. My cheeks got warm and soft again. I started to float through the air. I smiled for no specific reason. I just couldn’t stop.

As I got closer to the shadow, I started to feel more and more comfortable floating in the air. It almost felt like I couldn’t feel anything, but in a good way. Like if I didn’t even need to feel anything anymore.

I got to the edge. I jumped up on it, spread my arms and flew over to the shadow, ready to give a hug.

The shadow hugged me. It was warm, lovely and felt like safety.

I fell down, but I didn’t actually fall. I flew down. The ground was so bright. It was plain white. The most beautiful sight that was ever imaginable. I then realized:

I jumped from the Hospital, and into the Whiteness.

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