Akatsuki Kids

Tobi snuck into Konan’s room, he went through her belongings and found an odd bottle that said in big bold letters DO NOT TOUCH, but knowing Tobi, he grabbed it and went to an Akatsuki meeting with it, during the Akatsuki meeting he opens the bottle and sprays every one of the Akatsuki members with it, turning them all into kids, including him. Now they have a big problem, they don’t have a cure; they all head to Konoha and find refuge while their leader pays a visit to the Fifth Hokage Tsunade. Trouble, drama, and a hint of romance fills the air on Konoha…will they ever find a cure or are stuck as a kid forever.


1. The Transformation

Tobi walked down the halls of the Akatsuki hideout in rain, the hideout was dead silent, not a soul but his wandered around the place. Pein and Konan were doing who knows what, Deidara and Sasori were currently on a mission and won’t be back anytime soon, Kisame and Itachi are still after Naruto (The Jinjuriki), Hidan and Kakuzu are unknown, and Zetsu…also unknown. So Tobi just swayed from side to side, bored out of his mind.

Maybe everyone’s trying to get away from me?  Tobi thought. No-one in particular liked him, you could say they all hated him because he was an idiotic moron and very useless, that’s probably another reason for them keeping him inside the Akatsuki hideout, probably too embarrassed to send him out and let him make a fool of himself. He sighed and rubbed the back of his neck, yep, first time Tobi has ever been this bored and useless in his whole life, it didn’t feel good at all. So, he just wandered mindlessly down the hallway, not going anywhere in particular.

Then he stopped by Konan’s room…he never been in a girls room before, he wondered. He faced the door in front of him, eyeing the rusty handle in interest, they wouldn’t mind if Tobi had a look. Tobi reached out for the handle and turned the knob, stepping inside the room and closing the door behind him. Everything was dark inside, not a speck of light could be seen anywhere, certainly a place for depressive people, not that Konan is one though.

The walls were dark blue, dead blossom trees painted on it, there was a wardrobe in the corner of the far end of the room, polished and clean like if it was only brought yesterday. There was a bed on the other end, it had a black blanket and grey pillows, the bed was neatly done, and not a single wrinkle could be seen. Next to the bed was a desk with draws underneath, a vase with black roses and a single book lay on top it.

So you might think Tobi is a nice, sweet, innocent person…not to mention an idiot, but he does have his dark side, a very pervert side to him, so basically when it comes to women and all, he might as well have a sneak peek. He went straight for Konan’s underwear and pulled one of the draws open from under the desk and next to her bed. Shirts nope, socks nope, shorts and pants nope, weird looking bottle nope…wait? Tobi went back to the previous draw and pulled out the strange looking bottle. It was kinda like a perfume bottle, it was a clear glass bottle with Jasmine flowers printed on it, it had a label on the back that said in big bold letters ‘DO NOT TOUCH’ how strange, maybe it was a really special perfume that was rare and when you use it, and that it makes people fall in love with you. It seemed to have worked with Pein if she used this on him.

An idea popped into his head and he stashed the bottle in one of his pockets in his Akatsuki cloak. This would defiantly come in handy, Tobi thought, he began to daydream of his spraying the bottle onto him and everyone falling in love with him because of the smell the perfume provided. A sly grin plastered behind his mask.

An hour passed and still no-one showed up, Tobi was growing restless and began to pace around the living room impatiently, that was until the door opened and Pein, Konan and Zetsu walked in. Tobi swerved around and basically jumped for joy at the appearance of the leader, his partner and Zetsu. “Your back, yay, Now Tobi won’t be alone anymore!” Tobi cheered and ran over to leader and gave him a bear hug.

Pein inwardly panicked and shoved Tobi away from him and dust the imaginary dirt away from his cloak, then mumbled, “Never do that again,” and walked past him into his work room.

Konan moved up to Tobi, “there is a meeting in a couple of hours, make sure to be there as soon as possible,” she said and walked into the kitchen to fix herself up with something to eat.

Zetsu stayed quiet and walked out of the room to somewhere. Tobi slumped slightly, no-one was going to stay and keep him company? Should have thought that was going to happen. He moved to the couch next to him and flopped onto it, looking up at the ceiling in boredom. As I thought, I’m just some nonsense of a person, why they even keep me is beyond light-years from me, he thought.

The front door opened again and Deidara and Sasori walked in, Deidara slightly panting in exhaustion while Sasori completely calm as if nothing happened at all. Deidara stumbled inside and fell on the couch, his head on Tobi’s lap. It didn’t bother Tobi one bit, and he didn’t think Deidara wouldn’t have mind either. Tobi looked down at Deidara’s form, it was all bruised up and he was cover in cuts, his breath was heavily and quick.

“Is Deidara alright?” Tobi asked, tilting his head to the side in questioning. Deidara stayed quiet, so Sasori was the one to answer.

“He’ll be fine,” after that Sasori turned and walked away, not without Tobi calling out, “But he’s bleeding a lot in his stomach.” Sasori sighed and walked back into the room and forcefully grabbed Deidara’s golden locks and held him up so that his stomach was showing, “as I said before, he’ll be fine,” and tossed him back on the couch. Tobi looked at Sasori with concerned written all over his face.

After the battle Sasori had with his grandmother and a girl named Sakura, he was brought back to life, only…there was one thing different about him, he was human, which made him pissed as hell. When they brought him back to the Akatsuki hideout, he went straight to his work shop and began working on himself again, trying to make himself once again a puppet. All that work and effort he took the last time was gone, and it sure would take a while for him to be back to his original form again. It has been a year now and Sasori has grown colder than ever, even leader was slightly concerned about this new attitude. Sasori was more ruthless and cruel; he could kill a little child and wouldn’t care in the world. He made sure that he had everything he lost restored to his body, for example, the metal cord in his stomach and the container in his chest where his heart was supposed to be with the kanji of the scorpion marked on it.

Tobi feared him more than he would fear the leader; they say Sasori is more powerful now, indestructible than ever before. It made Tobi quiver in fear a little.

Deidara stirred slightly but didn’t wake up; Tobi flipped him over and started bandaging his wounds. During the process, Tobi found a bit of poison in his blood system, any longer and Deidara would have become very ill and probably die if it wasn’t out in time. Sasori was wrong about him being alright, he was in very bad shape, there was a major cut in his rib and on his back, and luckily he didn’t lose too much blood and would recover very soon. Tobi learnt healing Nin jutsu while everyone was away on missions, he only knows the basics, but at least it’s enough to help people, he was thankful he learnt it because if he didn’t, a lot of the Akatsuki members would have either grown ill or would possibly die. He guessed he was kinda useful after all, maybe leader wanted him to stay in the Akatsuki hideout so he wouldn’t get hurt and lose the only source of healing there is around the Akatsuki base. They had no medic Nin so that could have been why.

Once Tobi was finished he wiped the sheen of sweat under his mask and stood up, dusting his hands together. At the same time Itachi, Kisame, Hidan and Kakuzu came walking in.

“God that was fucking annoying, that damn bitch wouldn’t die,” Hidan groaned out and walked into the Kitchen with Kisame following in tow. Itachi walked over to the couch and eyed the sleeping Deidara.

“Did something happen?” he asked.

“Yes, yes something did happen while you were away. When Deidara and Sasori came back, Deidara was in bad condition so Tobi healed him all up and now he’s okay,” Tobi beamed.

Itachi just nodded and walked away. What’s with everyone and walking away from me?  Tobi thought, he looked over at Kakuzu who was purposely ears dropping on the conversation. He coughed and also…walked away from the scene. Tobi’s face fell, for sure he thought Kakuzu was going to stay, but, oh well, it probably gives him time to think to himself for a while. He shoved his hands into his pocket and felt the bottle. Oh yeah, the bottle he stole from Konan’s room. He pulled it out and read the back again, ‘DO NOT TOUCH’ do not touch huh? What is she hiding? Instead of just trying it on himself, he might as well try it on everyone else.

Two more hours came flying by and it was time for the meeting to start, everyone packed into the room, finding their seats and sitting down waiting patiently for leader to begin. Tobi sat down in his chair, looking over at everyone.

Sasori sat there, eyes closed with an impassive face, he had his arm crossed over his slightly wooden body and twitching slightly at every minute that went passed, he really did hate waiting. Deidara had his head on the table, in a very slouchy way, he hissed in pain a little every time he moved a bit. Hidan was yelling out about how great Jashin is and that they should all worship him, while Kakuzu blocked his ears to block out the annoying sound of his partner. Itachi just sat there looking bored, but was listening to his partner Kisame talking to him about some battle strategies. Zetsu was having a deep conversation with Konan and Pein sat there shuffling some paperwork in his hands.

Then Pein abruptly stood up, getting the attention from every Akatsuki member. “Okay, the meeting begins now,” he said. Everyone stayed quite, and listened to what their leader had to say. “Now, I have something I just want to clear up with you all, it seems that were having trouble trying to get Jinjurikis, aren’t we Itachi and Kisame?” Pein turned to the two addressed names, giving them both a stern look.

“Heh, you don’t know how fricken hard getting that blond brat is, it’s like he’s made of metal or something, you can’t break him or make him give up,” Kisame explained. Itachi nodded in agreement.

Pein sighed, “I thought at least you would accomplish something as simple as this Itachi,” Itachi stayed quiet.

“If you don’t complete this mission within the week, I’m going to have to send Sasori to do it,” Pein said. Itachi and Kisame looked over at the puppet master with distaste. Sasori just looked at them, inwardly smirking in victory.

“Oh that won’t be necessary leader, were perfectly fine, we don’t need a doll like him to replace us,” Kisame gritted out. Sasori glared at the comment.

“Then I expect you to get the job done then,” Pein said. Tobi stayed very quiet in the side lines, observing everything that is happening, and then he reached down in his Akatsuki cloak and felt for the bottle, he pulled it out and glanced down at it. Should Tobi do this, they might get mad…but they might not either. Tobi thought.

“Okay on with the next thing I want to discuss,” Pein started. Tobi looked up quickly and down at the bottle again, this was his chance to do it. He abruptly stood from his chair and jumped up onto the table, startling most of the people in the room. Tobi popped the cap off the bottle and ran around to each of the Akatsuki member and started quirting them all, including himself.

The room started to fog up with pinkish purple mist, everyone started coughing except for Sasori. “What the fuck Tobi!” Hidan yelled out. “Arh, he got some in my eye yeah,” Deidara cried in agony. “Shit…” Konan mumbled, and basically everyone else couldn’t talk because of the nasty taste the liquid left in their mouths.

A couple of minutes later and the mist began to clear, but a lot of puffs of smoke began to erupt from each of the members. Tobi was the first to recover from the incident, he looked around the room, he couldn’t quite see everyone, but he could make out a figure, the person was quite small, maybe to a kid’s height, he had blue skin and spiked up hair going to the side, he wore a dark blue t-shirt, grey shorts and sandals. He had tiny gills under his small eyes and sharp teeth. He coughed and waved the remaining mist away from his eyes and looked up in Tobi direction, his face twisted in shock.

“Arh, is that you Tobi?” Kisame yelped in a squeaky voice and pointed accusingly at the now kid like Tobi. He then yelped again and covered him mouth, he looked down at himself and yelled, “What the fuck!”

Then the whole room began to fill with cries and screams. Sasori looked down at himself in terror, no, not again, not…fucking…again, his beautiful puppet body was once again human, but what was worse…he was in his six year old form. he clutched at his red hair in vein, his wide brown eyes taking in everything around him, he noticed Deidara looking at himself in horror too, his once long blond lock, now short, but still having a strip of hair covering his left eye. Itachi was the only calm one in the whole room, it was like he wasn’t affected but this change at all, but secretly, and he was inwardly screaming and cursing at Tobi for this. Hidan was repeatedly punching himself, trying in some way to wake him up, but with no success. Kakuzu just twitched all over tears welling up in his eyes.

Pein looked at himself and then at Konan, they met each other’s gaze and nodded. Pein averted his gaze back and everyone and climbed up onto the table, having a little difficulty during the way since he was practically a kid again. Once he was up, he clapped his tiny hands together and got everyone’s attention. “Listen up everyone, I know that were “kids” now, but there is no need for panicking, we are still Akatsuki after all, in a case like this, all we need is the cure and of course, punish the person who did this to us…which is you Tobi,” Pein announced and turned to death glare at Tobi, but all it turned out was a cute little angry stare which wasn’t intimidating at the least.

Tobi gulped and tugged at the collar of his black shirt, he was now in the clothes he used to wear when he was six, which was a plain black shirt and long brown pants with black slippers, and thankfully he still had his mask. “Tobi thought…t-the bottle was some smelly perfume, “Tobi explained, holding up the now empty bottle.

Konan peered over at it, then realisation stuck her like lighting and she ran over to him and snatched the bottle away from him, “where did you get this?” Konan asked in a small sweet voice, which was supposed to be a growl.

Tobi began to sweat and rubbed the back of his head gingerly. “Hehe, Tobi found it in your room,” he answered.

“And what were you doing in my room,” she deadpanned at him, which made him laugh nervously.

“Tolookatyourunderwear,” he said all at once.


“To look at you underwear,” he said cautiously slow. Everything was super quiet, no-one dared spoke a word while Konan registered what Tobi just said, she face was from blank face to wide and shocked. Her mouth opened slightly, but closed quickly, her wide amber eyes bore at the now quivering Tobi, she gritted in teeth considerably while her little hands balled into fists by her side.

“To look at my underwear,” she repeated his previous answer, he nodded slowly. She made a squeaky growling noise and was about to lung herself at him when Pein appeared in front of her and stopped her.

“Now now Konan, there is no time for this now, if that is your bottle, then you know the cure…right?” he reasoned and calmed her nerves a bit.

She took a deep shaky breath, her eyes downcast a little. Then she eventually shook her head from side to side. “No, unfortunately I don’t know the cure, I made it for only me to use if I got any wrinkles or that I’m growing to look like an old lady, I made it to make me look younger, but I didn’t know I would have to make a cure, I don’t really know how to tell you the truth,” she whispered out.

Pein softened a bit, “it’s okay, it not your faults were in this mess…” “It kinda is,” chimed Hidan, Pein shot him a glare and turned back to Konan. “Besides, it’s mostly Tobi’s fault,” Konan looked up at him with watery amber eyes, a smile quivered its way to her lips. Pein returned the smile and they both turned to Tobi in slow deathly motion.

“Now…what is a good punishment for you?” Pein asked.

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