Akatsuki Kids

Tobi snuck into Konan’s room, he went through her belongings and found an odd bottle that said in big bold letters DO NOT TOUCH, but knowing Tobi, he grabbed it and went to an Akatsuki meeting with it, during the Akatsuki meeting he opens the bottle and sprays every one of the Akatsuki members with it, turning them all into kids, including him. Now they have a big problem, they don’t have a cure; they all head to Konoha and find refuge while their leader pays a visit to the Fifth Hokage Tsunade. Trouble, drama, and a hint of romance fills the air on Konoha…will they ever find a cure or are stuck as a kid forever.


4. Arriving at Konoha

Morning came, the sun half way over the horizon and a cool gentle breeze rustled the newly dew leaves. Deidara lay on top of a boulder, snoring away until a drop of dew fell right into his mouth. He shot up and started choking and coughing, on the way falling off the boulder he was sleeping on and onto the tent of Kakuzu and Hidan.

Inside the tent could be heard violent rustling and a lot of swearing and hitting, Hidan’s head popped out of the flaps and he scan the area to see who had disturbed his beauty sleep, he then looked down and saw Deidara on the ground with his face wedged in the dirt. Hidan gritting his teeth in annoyance and started trampling Deidara.

“HEY, I WAS TRYING TO GET SOME FUCKING SLEEP HERE THEN YOU COME AND FUCKING RUIN IT!!!” bellowed Hidan as he started whacking viciously at Deidara’s head with his mini scythe.

Pein’s eyebrows knitted together in annoyance at the unwelcoming noise, he cracked one eye open and looked on as Deidara was thrashing around with his face in the mud and Hidan still hitting him with all he got. He let out a soft sigh and slowly sat up from where he was sitting, which was on a log just outside of his tent. Unfortunately Konan wanted her “private” time alone and resulted to him sleeping outside, it wasn’t so bad, but he did wish he could have slept in a more comfy place then a damp bug infested log. He casually flicked a bug from his face as he started to advance toward the two, by then everyone in the whole camp was awake and watching the interruption in anger, but also a hint of amusement.

“What happened?” was all Pein said to the two, he was a patient man when he wanted to be, but in this situation, he was beyond impatient.

Hidan and Deidara looked up slowly at the leader and gulped. Still as he is as a kid, he was the leader and still very intimidating when he was angry. Hidan opened his mouth to say something, but was quickly cut off when Deidara spoke up.

“I accidently fell on Hidan’s tent and he’s attacking me for no reason!” Deidara said desperately, which was the truth to say the least.

Pein looked at him then Hidan, who was looking at Deidara with a ‘what the fuck face’ and growled out loudly. “You stupid little girl, you were the one who fucking fell on me, so you’re the one to get the punishment!” Hidan pointed accusingly at Deidara.

“ME! You should be the one, you were the one making all the noise and waking everyone up!” Deidara yelled back.

“Okay be quiet, you’re both getting punished and that’s final, its morning and I don’t think any of us are in the mood for any of this so shut up and get ready cause were going to leave soon,” Pein tiredly said, massaging his temple to ease the now growing headache. Really, they could act so childish, but in this case, it didn’t really matter cause THEY WERE FRICKEN CHILDEN!  Pein looked up at the sky, hints of blue were coating the sky now which meant it was time to leave, he really didn’t want to spend another night with these idiotic people.

Konan popped her head out of the flaps of the tent and gave Pein a questioning look. He gave out a sigh and waved his hand around to dismiss it, she popped back in the tent.

In about half an hour, everyone had finished packing up and was ready to head out, now waiting for Deidara to make the infamous clay bird, though it took him even more time considering not too long ago he was beaten to a bloody pulp. He did a couple more hand signs and the small clay bird poofed into the size it was when it carried all of them yesterday. Deidara grinned at his masterpiece and turned around in triumph to the others.

“It’s all set!” he shouted out to them. He jumped on the birds head and sat and waited for everyone else to hop on. Everyone was in their original positions, he scanned them all quickly before turning around and preparing to take off. Though a lot of things were clouding his mind, firstly, will the Hokage even help them? They’re criminals for Christ sake! And what about finding a place to stay? Yeah, like ten kids randomly showing up to the village is not suspicious at all. His shoulders slumped slightly, his tiny hands balling into fists.

“We’re ready to go Deidara, anytime now,” Pein called out, hint of impatience visible in his tone. Deidara turned to him and gave him a quick nod and poured his chakra into the clay bird. The bird lifts off the ground and started heading towards Konoha.

“Here we fucking go again…” Hidan muttered and lightly held onto Zetsu’s sleeve without him noticing.

Tobi swung excitedly on the birds legs, since there was no room for him on the birds back, he had to resort holding the birds legs again, he just knew the reason for this…they were all silently hoping that he would fall off. But that is certainly not going to happen, he was determined to hold on as if his life depended on it…which it actually did, but he was in this with them together, whether they like it or not. He giggled lightly, enjoying the comfortable breeze.

Konan looked at Pein with slight worried twinkling in her amber eyes; Pein saw this and turned to her. “Is something the matter Konan?” he asked, he frowned when the answer he got was a pout. He reached over and awkwardly took hold of her hand and gently squeezed it. “It’s going to be fine Konan, I just know it.”

“What if they try and kill us?” was all she said, gripping onto his hand more, as if asking for more reassuring words.

Pein said nothing and turned away; he mumbled an “I don’t know” and clenched his teeth. What were they going to do if they were to attack by the Hokage instead of aiding them, well, they weren’t known to be the friendliest of people, and when they get back to normal they’re only going to go back and continue the mission of hunting down all the Jinjuriki and extracting the beast out of them for their plans. He sighed and ran his small fingers through his orange spiky hair.

Konan never dropped her gaze from him for a second, seeing the stress and irritation building up in him. She looked down at her hands, which were shaking slightly; she closed her eyes and slowly leant her head on his shoulder. She felt him tense slightly but slowly relax, she could faintly hear him say…“It’s going to be fine.”

An hour had passed and everyone had basically fallen asleep, except for Deidara and Tobi. Deidara looked ahead and could see a faint outline of the village, his mood skyrocketed and a wide grin plastered his face. FINALLY, they are nearly there! Deidara, pushed more chakra into the bird to make it go faster, the slight change in wind awoke Pein from his light sleep, he looked up and noticed to grinning Deidara and looked ahead of them to notice the village getting closer. A small smile graced his lips and he gently shook Konan awake.

“W...what is it?” Konan said groggily, sleep still present in her eyes as she tried to rub it away. She looked up at him and realization struck her instantly, she looked to the direction Pein was looking and could see Konoha clear as day. Though the village with getting closer and closer by the minute…a bit too close for comfort. If someone were to see the bird, and them, well let’s just say they are going to be in for a lot of trouble. Pein stood cautiously and weaved his way over to Deidara and lightly tapped him on the shoulder, earning the blonde's attention.

“I think it’s best if we landed right now if you know what I mean?” he said in a hush voice. Deidara nodded and began to work on the bird to fly down. Pein once again stood up and faced everyone. “OKAY EVERYONE, WAKE UP WE’RE HERE!”

Everyone started to wake up, Hidan yawned loudly, stretching and twisting from side to side to help loosen his cramped muscles, only to realise that he was still on the god forsaken bird. Instincts kicked in and he tightly wrapped his arms around Zetsu’s neck. “Fuck! Couldn’t you wake us up when we’re on the fucking ground!” he shouted. Zetsu sat beside him annoyed at the close approximately they were in.

“No,” was all Pein said, small drops of sweat started to trickle down his face. You could say that he was nervous, maybe ready to panic. He looked down at the village, which was getting closer and closer, this was it…this was the decision whether they live…or die.

A/N: Chappy 4 done! Hope you like x)

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