The Broken Angels *Niall Horan Love Story*

Let me tell you a story about a girl and a boy, the day they met each other their hearts filled with joy, but they were both already broken and that made them blind, they thought love would never treat them right. What's gonna make them fall in love? They both wrapped a strong shield around their hearts, are they gonna be able to get rid of each other's shields and mend each other's broken hearts or will they both stay broken forever like an angel that forgot how to fly?


2. Chapter 2

Unfortunately, my oh so ‘fun’ weekend is over. The only thing I’ve done since that Friday night is mope around the house and let the tears I hold in everyday glitter the floor of the place. Thankfully I have a holiday from work until the end of the next weekend because the branch of star bucks I work in is relocating. It’s actually a benefit to me because the new location of the coffee shop is ten minutes away from my house, meaning I don’t have to take a taxi to work anymore. I made my way out of the house deciding not to take the bus and walk to school, I’ve learned from previous experience that riding the bus will only cause me more humiliation than I can take, and I really did not need that. I plopped my ear phones in and put the music on loud walking slowly trying not to imagine how my daily beating is gonna be like today. My daily beating is something that depended on Todd, my bully’s mood. Him and his crew can be loads of trouble. If he’s in a good mood, he usually goes easy on me, the worst he does then is slap me across the face, or kick me in the stomach, but if he’s in a really bad mood, it gets to tend bloody, sometimes knives are involved. Part of the reason I don’t have friends is that Todd drives them away, he says, and I quote,
“You’re a worthless piece of shit and anyone who would ever befriend you would’ve made the biggest mistake of their life,” just peachy right?
I walked even slower than I was before knowing I was coming closer towards the cage I was trapped in until two thirty but after a while, much to my dismay, I still made it. I sighed making my way through the gates. I could already hear the whispers and glares of the students around me making me feel almost claustrophobic. I hated the looks they gave me, they made me feel so weak and vulnerable, like a poor little puppy that’s about to die, helplessly with no one there to cradle it in his arms or pat it to assure it it’s gonna be okay. I sighed pushing past the crowds of people around me and finally made it to my locker.... alive. Stuffing my locker with books I didn’t need then closing it, I finally made my way into class and sat on the chair at the far left corner at the back getting out of everyone’s way, that place seemed to become my permanent seat now. Even though I’m a straight A’s student the teachers never really acknowledged me, how blessed am I to be ignored by everyone even the teachers? Not.
After everyone finally settled down, the math teacher started her algebra rant all over again, and that’s when I decided it was time for me to switch my button off and day dream as much as I want to.  A few lessons passed and finally, it was lunch time. I took a seat on the ‘loner’ table, as Todd labelled it, speaking of Todd I haven’t seen him tod-
“Hey loner,” I heard the same incredulous voice that’s been haunting me for the past three years; I guess I spoke too soon. Ignoring him, and suddenly taking an interest in the cold pudding that was stretched in front of me, I played around with my spoon trying to erase Todd from the place, but it wasn’t working very well.
“Well bitch if your just gonna ignore everyone why don’t you just go join your parents in the grave,” ouch, I’m not gonna lie, that hurt.
“Oh wait, I know, they went there to get away from you in the first place,” Everyone laughed at Todd’s ridiculous joke as I felt the tears prick my eyes whilst I tried to blink them away.
“Your worthless Carrie, everyone,” Todd emphasised,
“Hates you,” he finished off whilst the laughs around the canteen started to die down. I felt defeated and hopeless, everyone was staring at me the smirks evident on their faces as I ran out of the canteen and out of the whole school, out of the place I call my hell hole, I don’t care what happens, but I just don’t want to be there. I trotted away as fast as my feet could carry me, and back to the spot where I always hear that boy sing sitting under the tree curling up into a ball and letting my own tears soak my shirt. I just didn’t understand why all this stuff had to happen to me, I don’t even think I’ve ever hurt anyone in the school, at least not intentionally, I can’t even live with myself if I hurt anybody whoever they are in fact, even if they were Todd.
A beautiful melodic voice suddenly snapped me out of my trance making me take a trip back to reality.
“Are you alright,” the voice, which I now made out to be a boy asked concern lacing his tone from above me.

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