The Broken Angels *Niall Horan Love Story*

Let me tell you a story about a girl and a boy, the day they met each other their hearts filled with joy, but they were both already broken and that made them blind, they thought love would never treat them right. What's gonna make them fall in love? They both wrapped a strong shield around their hearts, are they gonna be able to get rid of each other's shields and mend each other's broken hearts or will they both stay broken forever like an angel that forgot how to fly?


1. Chapter 1

Carrie’s P.O.V:
I sat quietly in the same place I sat in on every Friday night listening to the same beautiful voice that drove me here from the beginning. My name is Carrie, Carrie James Peterson. My parents died when I was 8, since then I’ve been in foster care until I was 18. Unfortunately, my foster parents weren’t very fond of me, they never hurt me, but they just disliked me, so they kicked me out of their house when I turned eighteen on the condition that they would pay my school fees and buy me a house on my own. So I’m basically what you label as a loner, not only at home, but even at school. I don’t have any friends; I’m labelled as the lonely, bullied girl who everyone likes to use as a punch bag. I sat listening to the beautiful voice of the boy. I never saw what he looks like closely but I always come here to write in my diary whilst listening to him playing his guitar and singing so beautifully and melodically every Friday night. His voice was full of emotion, his songs were so powerful, and they describe my miserable life in every aspect. Right now he was singing Give Me Love by Ed Sheeran. His voice almost sent chills down my spine; I could hear his hard breathing as he belted out the lyrics indicating he was crying. That boy somehow reminded me of myself. He always sat here, every single Friday night singing all alone, and crying and after he’d poured his heart out into the dark night, he would take his guitar, and make his way out of this forest, his head hanging low and the tears streaming down his face as he vigorously wiped them away. I’m not sure why he cries, but I know that he’s broken just like I am. Loneliness is not the best feeling in the world. Feeling like you have no one there for you won’t make you stronger, I assure you, because what I experience everyday is the worst feeling I have ever experienced my whole life. My loved ones are dead, everyone bullies me. They have an endless list of names that they use against me every day at school other than that there are bruises travelling up and down my body coating my naturally tanned skin. The boy stopped singing bringing me out of the trance that I hadn’t realised I was in until now. I watched him intently as he took his guitar and started trotting away giving me the signal to leave because once that boy left there was nothing special about this place anymore. The only reason I come here in the first place is to listen to his voice, and if he’s not there anymore there’s no point of being there. I sighed in disappointment as I climbed down the tree, today was one of those day were I was feeling even more lonely than usual, the only person I feel myself connect with is that boy and I don’t even know him. I’m so pathetic. I made my way back to my small house which wasn’t very far away from the forest. It’s a good thing Ireland’s got a lot of nature. I’m sorry, I forgot to mention, I’m Irish. I went into the house making my way into my bedroom and lying on my bed after putting my earphones in and drowning out the world. After a while of listening to Ed Sheeran’s Give Me Love, not for the first time this night I felt the tears sting my eyes, but that wasn’t something very new to me, in- fact it’s actually a kind of routine for me. I don’t remember for how long but I’ve been crying myself to sleep almost every night, especially if I’m listening to music, it makes me quite emotional. I lied down quietly with my head on the pillow until I finally found myself drifting away from the world into my own little bubble.

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