Just Life

Grace Jean has always wondered what else life has to offer. Is school, complicated friends and pushy parents it? Is that what her life is going to be all about?

(Sorry I'm really bad at descriptions...)


1. Just me.

Grace Melissa Jean is my name. I have normal long, brown hair, accompanied with brown freckles on my nose. Cliche isn't it? I'm 14 and I'm short. Really short. Like if I stood next to my friends, you would think that we are in different grades rather than the same class. I'm only 4'9. Aha! See what I mean? 

I'm an only child. No siblings. Sometimes I wish that I a sibling. Brother or sister. It doesn't really bother me. It just gets so lonely on my own. No one plays with me, no one teases me. It's just me and my thoughts I guess...

My friends are just, I don't know, not exactly normal..? They are completely innocent and clueless. Like I'm not even kidding. They didn't really know much about our 'Time of month'. It was really awkward... I have somewhat-normal friends and not-exactly normal friends. My SWN (somewhat-normal) friends names are: Keira, Genevieve, Adriana, Natalie and Ellie. And my other NEN (not exactly normal) friends are: Annalise and Sharon. They are both... uh.. different... (I'll explain later)

We all go to school at Mont Tracey High School which is located about 5-10 minutes away from my house. I often take the bus coz ya'know YOLO. Nah it's coz my parents both work and it's just easier if I take the bus.

Right now, the time is 7:30 and I had just gotten out of bed. Quickly, I got out my outfit that I had picked out last night and set it on my (now made up) bed. Laying it down quickly, I then moved onto to brushing my teeth and doing my hair. MTHS (Mont Tracey High School) don't allow excessive amounts of make up, limiting us to ONLY use concealer and foundation. (well lip balm as well) They are extremely strict about it and although 'technically' only year 10-12's are allowed make up. Buuut no one cares so I secretly put on some concealer (coz I'm rebel ya'know). Quickly putting my hair into a side braid I move on to getting dressed. (Outfit is the attached pic but take out the heals and the eye shadow)

About 10 minutes later, I triple checked that I had my lunch, Math and Science books and headed out to the kitchen. For breakfast, I just ate my normal cereal. It has a mix of; almonds, cereal flakes, nut clusters, etc. I add banana to it to make it the way that I like it.

After finishing and putting everything into the dishwasher, I head back to my room and check my Instagram feed. Nothing much. Since I have no Facebook account (coz of my overly overprotective parents..) I go back outside and watch some T.V.

Soon my parents are yelling that "I'm going to be late if I don't leave now". So I turn off the TV with a groan and head back to the kitchen to get my back pack/purse. (whatever ya wanna call it)

I grab my phone and kiss my parents good-bye. (Yes I actually said that) 

I got to the bus stop in next to no time and boarded the bus. I sat in my usual loner seat, right at the back in the corner. I stuck my head phones into my ears, put my iPod onto shuffle and pulled out a book from my bag. Before long, the bus started moving.

Next stop, MTHS + Crazy, difficult, complicated friends = Another crazy day being me...


Soooo do you guys like it? I'm not much of a writer but like I feel like writing this... 

Anyways comment what you think and help me improvee!!! :)

Love yaaa

-- rainbowsandlollypops

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