Alice though she live a reasonably regular life but all that she though was no where near the truth. In a twist of events she comes across a book that seems to take her to another world, a world of beasts, warriors and unusual happenings. In front of Alice's eyes unfolds the story of a girl names Lucy, a half beast half human who is faced with many challenges; war, death, love and the greed for power.
Will Alice find out who she truly is and who wrote this book.... Is it only a story?


1. prologue


The night sky was clear revealing a sheet of bright shining stars that engulfed the heavens in a million lights like swarms of fireflies dancing in an endless dark ocean. The shine of the moon cast the valley below in a gentle glow, making it possible to walk through the canopy of trees with no need for extra light. Above the moon lit valley rose a great cliff overlooking the night scenery, the cliff strutted out a giant natural stone wall and it made the perfect platform to observe the land beneath.

On the rock platform stood a great beast, it had the appearance rather like a large wolf. Its amber eyes reflected the moon light and its thick tan fur rustled in the breeze, it stood over the height of a big horse and its strong muscular legs made the beast look brutal and ready to take on any challenge that lay in its way.

A silent female figure walked up beside the beast from the forest behind and stood at its side her hand resting on its sturdy shoulder.

“It is time.” She spoke in a rich soothing voice. At those words the beast stepped forward to the edge of the cliff and gave a deep chilling howl, the howl echoed over the valley and  continued on in a spine rattling sound that seemed to tremor the earth below.

Off in the distance almost out of sight a flame burst into the sky and disappeared almost as quickly as it came.

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