Why me?

Jess is 17 her family died in a car crash 4 years ago. Now she lives in the streets of london selling her body in the night to pervs. But when 1direction find her what will happen? Will they take her in and care for her or will they use her body?


3. The others

~Jess's pov~ 

i didn't know what to do. No guys ever been nice to me without wanting to get in my pants. What was so different about Harry? I was scared that his mates would just want to have sex with me so i hid behind Harry. He reassured me telling me it was okay. He was very cute sweet.....what the hell he's SEXY! "Hey guys" Harry said "theres  someone i'd like you all to meet" he stood aside so they could all see me " h-h-hi im urmm j-j-j-jess" i said stuttering  "hey" they all said in rehearse. " this is zayn" Harry said pointing to a dark heard lad with a quiff " Niall" he said pointing" to the irish one "louis" pointing to a sweet brown haired guy " and Liam" pointing to the muscular one . 

After we all ate our pancakes we went back to the boys place. OMG it was massive! My jaw dropped to the floor. "You actually live here?" I said astonished " ya its......urmmm big" Liam said nervously " its not big......its.......MASSIVE!" I said just picking my jaw up they as all laughed. 

~Nialls pov~

I looked at her clothing....poor thing. " Jess urmmm no offence or anything but i think we should go to the mall to get you some urmm different clothes" i just hoped she didn't take it the wrong way " ya i think your right!" She said looking disappointed in her clothing. " i'll take her to mall now i need to get some stuff anyway" harry said looking at Jess as she smiled happily. 

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