Why me?

Jess is 17 her family died in a car crash 4 years ago. Now she lives in the streets of london selling her body in the night to pervs. But when 1direction find her what will happen? Will they take her in and care for her or will they use her body?


1. Me

Im Jess. Im just another slut in the streets of London making a living by selling my body to pervs. I've been selling my body since i was 13, and had 5 abortions. I don't enjoy it i try to not sell my body but a girls got to make a living. Right? When i was 13 my whole family died in a car crash. I remember it like it happened just yesterday. 


"Jess will you stop arguing with your brother, for god sake!" I'm fed up of my mum always on Justin's side! Why should i do as she says anyway? As i sulked my grandma glared at me "you're grazing your bottom lip you" she said sternly. " I hate all of you!" I screamed. Everyone looked at me in shock. " MUM watch out theres a lorry!" But before she could do anything it was over for them. 

~end of flashback~

i've never forgave myself for what happened since that day. 

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