Why me?

Jess is 17 her family died in a car crash 4 years ago. Now she lives in the streets of london selling her body in the night to pervs. But when 1direction find her what will happen? Will they take her in and care for her or will they use her body?


2. Harry

~Harry's pov~ 

 I jumped into the car with louis next to me and the rest of tge guys in the back." How about we all go to the pancake shop in town guys?" Niall was quick to answer " Hell ya!" I laughed at Niall's response. 

--------------------skip car trip-------------------------- 

I went into the pancake store while the others went to go and fetch a bench from across the road.

I looked at the menu " hmmm......i'll have five nutella and strawberries with wipped cream on top please"  "anything else sir?" The owner said clearly not wanting me to have anything else." No thanks that will be all" and with that she went to making the pancakes. Once she'd done i payed and left the store. Next to the store was an ally way leading to the back, at the entrance to the ally the was a young girl sleeping on the floor in some really slutty clothes. Low cut leather jacket showing an impressive clevage with leather shorts and 7inch high heeled black leather boots. She was beautiful with light brown waves going down to the top of her breasts and long eye lashes. I bent down and tried shaking her gently. She slowly opened her eyes and looked at me with her amazing hazel eyes. But i quickly snapped back to reality "what" i stuttered " j-j-just wanted to see if you was o-okay" she looked stayed silent staring at the pancakes " want some?" She nodded fast but stayed silent. I handed her my pancake and she ate it savouring every bite she took and licking he perfect lips. " so....do you wanna join me and my mates with pancakes?" She looked at me and considered it "mmmm okay" i smiled at her reply " wait here while i get some more pancakes" she nodded and stayed outside the store. When i came out i handed her 2 pancakes " wow! Thanks! No ones ever been this nice to me" she said in surprise. " don't mention it" " so whats your name? Im harry" i said holding out my hand to shake. " my names Jess nice to meet you" she said shaking my hand smiling. 

Once we started to approach the others she hid behind me nervously " its okay they won't hurt you" i reassured her.  


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