The bestest of friends

when these two people meet they don't understand how or where did they fall for each other first.


1. chapter 1

Julie's Pov

I'm a mom of a 5 year old boy and a 1year old daughter and we are moving from California to New York so I could live my dream as i always wanted to be a fashion designer Lucky for me my elementary through middle school best friend Jamie she moved there in the beginning of high school so through high school she wasn't with me and I wasn't with her basically I'm going to move next door to my best friend and Jamie has only one daughter that is five years old just like my little boy they will be starting there first day of first grade in September of this year right now it's only summer and we are going to move one week from now I am so excited to see Jamie again I can't believe that it's been so long without seeing her can't wait to catch up with her


Jamies Pov

I can't believe I just heard that my best friend from elementary school is coming to here to New York and we are going to be next-door neighbors I can't believe this is happening I missed her so much and we both have children but I only have one girl she has a boy the same age as mine and they are going to be starting school the same day same grade same time I really hope they become friends though unfortunately my husband died a year ago when Chloe was only four years old she didn't understand at that time what happened to her father he was in the Marines and there was a bomb that killed him I was so devastated I couldn't even speak but I just told her that he had an an extra year of work she was sad too but not to seems that that I was feeling or that she would've felt if she actually knew what happened. Anyway so Jamie is coming this week this Friday I can't believe this is happening how I guess we'll have to wait and see I really do hope that our children get along with each other.

Thursday night

I go to pick up Julie's family and Julie of course and I see that she's coming and she has such a cute family two beautiful children husband and wife how lovely. As soon as I see Julie though I also grabbing my Chloe with one hand and I just say "come on Chloe hurry that's my friend" Chloe and I just walk quickly to them and then I just see Julie I just hug her so tight she huges back and I just can't believe it's been so long.

Skip ride home

We go into my house since Julie and her husband Michael have to get some things organized so so far Chloe and Julie's daughter Zoey are playing with each other and I feel bad that I just see her son Cameron on the side just watching them so I went up to Chloe and told her to go play with Cameron instead so Zoey can go to sleep she looked at him for like 2 min exact and she smiled and said ok she went up and picked up her dolls and went over to towher cameron was


Camerons Pov


Wow i think im in love i dont think i have ever seen anyone like her before. my mother never told me she was beyond beautiful.


"hey do you wanna play house with me and zoey" she says in an adorable voice even though we are only five 

i say "sure but how do we play or what am i"


she says "you can be my husband this is our house we share it and zoey is our little baby girl and we can play in my play room its like a house ha" 

wow shes smart i like that

"yeah ok so we are together like married" i say 

Chloes mom comes into the room with a video camera and says "you cant be married if you hadent got your vows done hunny"

i smiled and said " then lets have a wedding"

Chloe smiled too and went upstair and in a little while she came back in a white dress and she ran outside and got some flowers of differant kind this was happing so fast it was so wierd i was getting married at only 5 so i just went on the carpet and i waited for her to walk down the aisle she was smiling and her mom was video taping this whole thing

 after we said our vows even though i dont evenknow what that is we came to the part when her mom said ok cameron kiss the bride and we both said at the same time "EW thats gross" and then she just looked away so did i and she kissed me on the cheek i blushed i could feel myself getting so hot so then she just ran off upstairs and she came back in shorts and a shirt she asked her mom if she can put Zoey in the baby thing where they can eat but i dont know what its called


*2 hours later*

My mom came back to pick us up apperantly we just moved next door so im now going to see her everyday and we are married now YAY everything is just perfect cant wait till school



HI i made a new story i really hope you guys like it tell me if i should keep on going or if i should just stop lol so there is more to come if you want me to update more

if you want to know when i will me updating you can reach me on 


twitter dm me-helenlelyflores ask me a question- helenlelyflores



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