One Direction & i

this story is about Hayley & her 2 friends Emma & Sasha go to a One Direction concert for the first time. what will happen? read to find out!

Enjoy! :)


2. The exciting concert :)

 It was the day before the concert, a Sunny Sunday. I went to the mall with my girls Sasha and Emma to get some dresses. I got a really nice red one, Emma got a green dress and Sasha got a beautiful navy blue dress and believe me they were so nice. Soon after we left the mall we went to Starbucks and got a coffee. Afterwards we all walked back to my house because it was the closest. We sat in my bedroom listening to One Direction ~ Story of my life. "We better go, we have a big day tomorrow!," Sasha said. "ok, meet at my house at 5 bye," i replied. "ok, see you then, bye," Emma said excitedly. 


*next day at 5:05pm*


Emma and Sasha were all ready with their dresses on. I went to have a shower, brush my teeth and put make up on. I came out of the bathroom and "wow you're beautiful Hayley" Sasha said. "awe thanks, well lets go then," I said taking a deep breath. We walked out of the door and into my car (i have my p's now). We got to the concert and we were in the front row and we were the first here so we were just talking excitingly. 

And then One Direction popped out to see if anyone was there, "Hello girls" Niall said in his gorgeous accent. "Hi boys," I said in reply. "You're really early," Zayn said. We all looked at each other. "I know, we thought everyone would get here early but obviously not," Sasha said. "Thats alright girls, come this way, we have a long time until we perform, we don't want you falling to sleep and getting bored," Louis said. "Ok" Emma said. We all had tears coming down our eyes and the boys noticed us. "Whats wrong girls?" Harry said putting his hand on my shoulder. "oh nothing, we are just really happy Harry," I said. "Righto" Harry laughed. Once we got backstage there was a couch, I went to sit on it and Louis and Niall sat beside me. "So what's your name?" Niall said. "Um.. Hayley," I said smiling. "Beautiful name, How old are you Hayley?" Louis said grinning. "i just turned 18 a few months ago," I said smiling at Louis. "thats good, i assume you know pretty much everything about us," Niall said laughing. "yes i do, i think most fans do," i said laughing. "Thats good, may i talk to you privately for 2 minutes?" Louis said. "sure you can Louis," I said softly. "Thanks," Louis said. I walked of with Louis. "Hey Hayley... um" Louis said. "um?" I said laughing. "um well i kind of like you," Louis said looking down. "well i love you all but i have to say, you and Niall are my favourites," I said smiling. "Yeah" Louis said shyly. "Whats your number i'll call you or you can call me?" I said. "Ok" Louis and I exchanged numbers. Afterwards we went back to sit on the couch. "Hey Hayley, your just in time," Niall said with a big grin. "In time for what?" I said looking at him confused. "I need to talk to you privately," Niall said grinning. "Um ok" i said surprisingly. I think its going to be another 'i like you' thing he'll ask me. I'm to afraid if it will be, i like both of them and now apparently they like me."Whats wrong Nialler?" i said laughing. "Well Hayley, i really like you" he said shyly but smiling. "I like you to Niall, but it's really hard to choose between you and Louis," I said with a straight face. "Well you can take your time to choose," Niall said smiling. "I will Niall," i said smiling back. We both walked back to the couch and sat down . "I choose both of you to be my boyfriend," I said smiling. "Ok, fair enough," Niall said. Harry, Zayn, Liam, Emma and Sasha walked in the room we were in and stood around us. 


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