One Direction & i

this story is about Hayley & her 2 friends Emma & Sasha go to a One Direction concert for the first time. what will happen? read to find out!

Enjoy! :)


1. Sasha's exciting birthday present!

My alarm went off went off for me to go to school, 7:45am. I got up and went to have a shower, after i got out of the shower and got dressed i brushed my teeth. i went down the stairs and my mum had pancakes on the table, my dad has gone around the cows, we live on a small farm and i love One Direction, i've always wanted to meet them or at least see them. Anyways, after i finished my breakfast it was 8:18am so i went to my bedroom and went on my iPhone to text my friends, i got one from Sasha my best friend, it read "Guess what Hayley?" i texted back "what?" she texted back surprisingly fast. "Hayley, i got One DIrection tickets for my birthday this morning, i'm taking you & Emma!" i screamed so loudly my mum came up the stairs (yes,we are quite rich and we have a triple story house!) and said "whats wrong Hayley?" i said back to her "i'm going to a One Direction concert with Sasha & Emma" "oh really?" my mum said surprised " really" i said. "well we better get you to school" mum said with her hands on her hops. mum and i got into the car. "dont tell any of your other friends for a while or at least till you go to the concert, you dont want them to be not friends with you" mum said while driving. "ok i won't" i said happily. Mum smiled and parked the car. i got my bag from the back of the car. "bye mum,love you" i said with a grin, "have a good day, bye sweetie, love you too" mum said And i walked off. i put my bag into my locker and i saw Emma and Sasha behind me. "yo scared e" i said laughing. " haha so you're happy enough" Emma said laughing. "omg yes, and Happy Birthday Sasha" i said giving Sasha a hug. "awe thanks" Sasha said giving a hug back to m. We all walked to class with the biggest grin, we went to Maths class, it was a boring class, and we never do any work. 

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