One Direction & i

this story is about Hayley & her 2 friends Emma & Sasha go to a One Direction concert for the first time. what will happen? read to find out!

Enjoy! :)


3. Backstage

"Its show time," Harry said grinning. "Ooo yay, you girls go back to your seats and we'll keep an eye on you" Louis said smiling. Sasha, Emma and I walked back to our seats and sat down and we were talking about how great meeting the boys was. "Well guess what?" I said smiling. "what?" Sasha said surprised. "I'm going out with Niall and Louis," I said grinning. "Wow, how do you do that?" Emma said surprised. I talked about it and then the boys came on stage. Everyone soon started screaming and then the girl next to me said "As if you aren't screaming, your obviously not true directioners," She said in a mean voice. "Well we really don't have to if we are dating the boys," I said smiling. "Oh yeah, like i believe that," She said. I ignored her and got my phone and started texting Louis that the girl next to me doesn't believe we are going out. Louis got the text and texted back "come on stage". I went to get on the stage but the security stopped me. Louis came up and said "let her through, she's my girlfriend". Louis helped me get on stage and we walked to the centre of the stage and Louis announced over the crowd and said "This is Niall's and my new girlfriend Hayley" and then we both kissed for about 10 seconds. Niall then came over and kissed me for the same limit, i smiled and then went to sit down again. "Ok, so you are their girlfriend, i'm sorry" The girl next to me said. "Its fine, i understand if you didn't know," i smiled. One Direction started to sing there welcoming song 'Live While Were Young' they all screamed and us girls just smiled at them and blown kisses, it was pretty funny when you think about it. Soon after a few songs they went to have a drink, i went backstage to see them and wish them luck and gave them kisses, hugs and all that boyfriend, girlfriend stuff. This was the best day of my life so far.

After all there songs were finished and they texted us to come backstage. I sat on the couch and Niall and Louis came to sit next to me. "Hey Hayley," Louis said kissing me on the cheek. "Hey Hayley," Niall said kissing the other side of my cheek. "Hey boys," i said smiling. "Would you like to stay with us tonight?" Niall said smiling cutely. "I'm not sure, my mum would like me home tonight," I said looking down at the ground. "Oh that's fine," Niall replied trying to make me cheerful again. "I can text her and see," I said smiling at them both. "Oh great idea" Louis said. I texted mum saying if i could stay the night with the boys because we meet them and had a great time with them. Mum replied back saying "Thats fine, just stay safe," My mum was my best friend she let me do anything and she was so nice. "What did she say?" Louis said. "She said that i can stay with you," I said hugging both of them. "That's great Hayley" Niall said hugging back.

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