How it began

Two 12 year olds, Running from local law enforcement. Its not there fault that Rookies dad is a killer! Finnaly they get there big break in Miami


1. How it began

     It was just another boring day at school. My year eight class messing around and fighting over pens and stupid things like that. I was sitting there sketching a custom motorcycle minding my own business. But that day a new girl joined her name was Annabeth she looked at me and smiled, she must have thought I was a motorcyclist because of my leather jacket and short hair, what she thought was true I owned a few motorcycles I could ride them I just chose not to.

    Yesterday I got into a fight with a kid in my class called Oli He was the class bully, as you could guess I ran, well actually I rode away I got away on my motorcycle. I got off lightly because I only had a cut down my cheek and an eye as black as the night sky. I covered that up by wearing my shades.

    Our teacher sat her next to me. Okay your probably thinking I was a loser and nobody would want to sit next to me, this is true but Annabeth was beautiful her long blonde hair, her sea green eyes.

"Hi my name is Annabeth," her voice sounded like an angel, She smiled.

"Hi my... well I never new my name but everyone calls me Rookie," I said everyone was staring at us

"Rookie cool name" she put her long blonde hair behind her ear.

I heard some one whisper "What a loser," Everyone thought it was funny.

"Give rookie a break!"Annabeth complained

"Thanks" I whispered so only she heard.

Oliver Hatton (The kid who beat me up) grabbed something in his bag, it was a k40 pistol.

Your probably thinking why would he have a gun, His dad is a mafia boss so it would be weird not to. He fired off a round it ricoched off the table and hit the window behind me.

     I panicked and jumped, It was stupid but luckily the year seven class where doing trampolining and I landed on a one,soon followed by Annabeth.

"Having a good first day," I joked

She smiled "As long as I`m with you," 

The next part surprised me, she grabbed my hand and carried on walking.

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