Leaves Aren't The Only Thing That Falls...

...People Fall In Love

This is a quick, little Louis imagine I wrote forever ago. I thought I might as well post it :)


1. Imagine....

I sat on my reddish-brown couch reading my magazine when the doorbell rang. I was expecting a friend. I hopped up and rushed to the front door only stopping for a moment to check the curls in my hair I had worked so hard on. I turned towards the door and opened it slowly. There stood the boy with blue stripes and red suspenders with his hands in his pockets. And I think we had practically the same pants. I smiled softly. "Hey," he grinned. "Hi," I replied. He put his hand out to me, "Shall we?" I giggled. "We shall." With that I took his hand and stepped out the door, shutting it behind me. We dropped hands as we walked to the park up the street from my house. We got to the park and continued down the walking path. It was the beginning of fall. The leaves were just starting to change color. It was beautiful. "Two men walk into a bar," Louis began. "The..." He was cut off by shuffles in the leaves. "What was that?" I cautiously asked. Louis stepped in front of me as if to protect me. That's sweet of him I thought. More shuffles were made and Louis jumped. "Ow," we heard from behind the bush. I looked at Louis with confusion. The person stood up. "Harry?" Louis questioned. "Uhh...hi guys," Harry mumbled. Louis looked a bit angry. "What are you doing here?" He sassed. "I'm trying to have a nice walk with my...uh...friend." He indicated me. I waved awkwardly. "Ohhhhh. I get it. You're on a date," Harry said with a wink. Louis turned bright red, as did I. I didn't really think of this as a date, but I liked the sound of it. "No..." Louis finally said. Harry didn't look convinced. Louis turned towards me. His hair fell to the side oh so perfectly and his eyes were just to die for. I felt a lump in my throat. I could barely breathe. "Hey, I'm really sorry," Louis whispered. "Just ignore him." I nodded while Harry gave Louis a dirty look. An idea came upon Harry's face. He gave a devious smile as he stepped towards Louis. "Soooo Louis," he began. "Is this the g-" Louis covered Harry's mouth with his hand. I blushed. I thought I was the only one who had feelings. I hadn't seen any signs of interest from our 5 weeks of friendship. I guess I was mistaken. And I was kinda happy about it. During this time of my thoughts, Harry and Louis whispered to one another. They looked at me and quickly stepped apart. I was confused. Louis then took a step and became very close. He spoke to me very softly, "Look....Aly......." I was concerned and confused as he continued to stumble over his words. "I'm not exactly sure how....ugh... It's just....I feel like and idiot....I just need to..." Finally Harry was feed up of his stutter. "JUST KISS HER ALREADY!" He screamed. And within that split second, Louis caressed my face and pulled me to his lips. Our lips pressed together in a passionate kiss. Finally we pulled away. I smiled. As did he. I think I was blushing some too. "Well, my work here is done," Harry joked as he walked out of the path towards the playground. Louis leaned in to kiss me again,  but just as our lips were about to touch we heard someone shout. "SWWWWIIIINNGGGGG!!!" We burst into laughter. "Harry." We said in unison. We stared into each others eyes deeply before Louis put his hand on my chin and lifted my face and kissed me. It was perfect. We separated and again I smiled.  "Soooo..." Louis started. "Yes?" I replied. "I was... Just ya know.... Wondering..." "Just let it out Lou," I interrupted. He blushed. "Okay. I was just uh wondering if maybe you would be my girlfriend then? I know it's silly and you probably would never but I ju-" I cut him off with a kiss. He relaxed as I pulled away. "I had to stop you," I laughed then becoming serious. "I would love to." I smiled. So did he. He took my hand and locked his fingers in mine. I couldn't help but grin. "Perfect." He sang. "Now let's finish our walk." We walked off on the path holding hands and talking about anything and everything. We came to a bench next to a lake. Louis gestured for us to sit. I nodded and we sat to watch the sunset. Louis put his arm around me. I took his hand and sat my head on his shoulder. It was beautiful. I could feel my heart breathing for this moment.



A/N: I hope you enjoy this little imagine. I hope one day you all fin someone and fall in love with them and they fall in love with you. You deserve it lovelies.

xo kisses *NiallsWanker


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