I'm in Love with my Bully, Harry Styles. Book 1

Sarah Holmes is an average teenage girl but she has a secret..she gets bullied by Harry Styles. Will she fall for her bully when the get more physical? Or will the connection be more professional?


7. Chapter 7

I woke up in the morning to a guy's face infront of me. 

"WAKE UP!" I got frightened and screamed a bit.

"OK! ZAYN!" I got up and giggled a bit. I walkes to the bathroom and walked in. As I turned around I felt arms wrap around me. I pulled away quickly and turned around to see Harry. 

"What do you want?" 

"I'm here to apologize, I never wanted to hurt you. I guess my family and ex-girlfriend problems came up and I let my anger on you. I really am sorry." I saw his eyes and the expression looked sad but how can I know he was saying the truth. 

"I don't know, you could be lying to me.." I looked at his face and he hugged me immediatly.

"I understand. I still want you to know I'm sorry." He stuck to his hug and I did feel bad. What if he was telling the truth. I couldn't resist not to hug him, I mean his curls were on my forehead and I felt something..I hugged him back. I then heard sniffling and felt him wipe his eyes. Wow, he really meant it. 

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