I'm in Love with my Bully, Harry Styles. Book 1

Sarah Holmes is an average teenage girl but she has a secret..she gets bullied by Harry Styles. Will she fall for her bully when the get more physical? Or will the connection be more professional?


5. Chapter 5

"So, is it just me or do you remember all of us being friends?" i asked with a bit of sarcasm but the answer shocked me for good. 

"Ya, I remember those days. I miss them badly" I sat next to him and we talked and talked. After awhile it started pouring even harder so we went inside and than went upstairs to change. 

"Zayn, I really don't have any pj's." 

"Here." he said, handing me a long black shirt and one of his boxers. I walked int the bathroom and changed. Remembering I had a sweater, so i put it on and walked out to see Zayn in a long shirt and some jeans. 

"Why are you wearing jeans?" 

"Well, Harry texted me and we are gonna go to the skate park. It's fun when it rains. Wanna come? I won't let him hurt you." 

"Ok but take me home so I can get dressed and get my skateboard." 

"Ok love" we walked out the door to his car and we drove to my house. Once we reached I got in to see my mom sleeping so I tip toed upstairs an wore my black jeans, black v-neck and my blue Muska 001 supra's. I found my skateboard in the corner of my room and I grabbed it and headed downstairs, wore my beanie and went into Zayn's car. 

"Wow, Sarah. I never knew you owned supra's and a skateboard" 

"You don't know me anymore Zayn, I have changed." with that said he drove off and than we reached the skate park to find all the guys. i got worried than had an idea. 

"Zayn drop me off at the next block so they won't see me with you." 

"Are you sure?"

 "Yes." with that he drove to the next block and dropped me off and left. I went on my skateboard and rode it there to see Zayn already with the other guys and they looked at me. I didn't care and than I went on the ramps. I never told anyone I can skate so they never knew. I went on and did flips and 360's. They all looked than I saw Harry join me and than smirk. 

"Never knew you skated Sarah," "

No one knew" and than i jumped off the ramp and grinded down the stairs landing perfect and looking back to see all the guys shocked with their mouths open. As they rain hit my body I felt weird than I heard the song "Souls Surivor" play with Akon and saw that Harry put it on. I went wth it, rhyming my skate moves to the song. Once I finished I got a text.

From: Zayn

You're amazing! Where did you learn this! 


I smiled and looked up and than saw harry walk towards me. 

"Those were great moves" 

"T-Thank you.." 

"Maybe you can use those moves to avoid my fist." i saw him smirk and than I got scared so quick. I saw him lift up my chin and look at me. Eye to eye, I loved his eyes. I just love how they were green. I always have since the bulying thing happened. I always melted in his ey- Wait what are you talking about! He is your bully so stay professional. He walked away and than Zayn gave me a signal that of course I knew meant that we were leaving. I got on my skateboard and left. At the next block he picked me up and we started with a conversation about my tricks and than we reached home in 20 minutes tops. I knew i would stay there for tomorrow so I got my 'next day' clothes and I went upstairs and put them in the bathroom and changed in my pj's and went downstairs to see popcorn, candy, pizza and drinks on the table. I went downstairs to observe than felt a hug and turned to see Zayn 

"I see you found our next activity" he smirked than he let go of the hug and sat down, patting at the spot next to him indicating that I should sit so I did. 

"Any movie in particular you like?" i took a moment than i remembered something.


"Harry! What movie do you like?" i asked curiously. "I like...well...I don't really know what I like." We all laughed than I asked Zayn "Hey Zayn, what movie do you like?" "I like Step Brothers! So funny."

********End Flashback******

"I like Step Brothers! Very hilarious." 

"Wow, Sarah! I like Step Brothers too!" he got happy than put the movie on and we watched while eating pizza, popcorn, candy and drinking 'Pop'. I tried tossing the popcorn into Zayn's mouth, winning everytime. We ate pizza and laughed at the movie and after the movie we watched "Land of the Lost". I guessed we were watching Will Ferell movies now. We laughed and enjoyed every minute. I rested my head on Zayn's lap and he didn't mind so we cotinued watching, laughing our ass's off! We had a great time! 

"I never had this much fun since the bullying." 

"Glad to help you have fun." he miled and than started playing with my hair. 

"You have such soft hair Sarah." 

"I have tons of secrets" 

"Can i know them?" 

"Sure, I play the flute, sing, draw and act. I love comedy! I thought when I was little I can be a stand up comedian. I tried and I bailed since I got scared so I may try again." 

"Well, I have secrests too." 

"May I know?" i said smirking.

"Sure, I can't go anywhere without my mirror. I have an obssestion with myself and my hair." 

"Only you Zayn. Shall we watch another movie?" I asked than I heard a loud boom.

 "Gosh mother nature is mad. I guess no school tomorrow." i smiled and we put in another movie. Laughing and playing with food. We had a great time, I loved it.

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