I'm in Love with my Bully, Harry Styles. Book 1

Sarah Holmes is an average teenage girl but she has a secret..she gets bullied by Harry Styles. Will she fall for her bully when the get more physical? Or will the connection be more professional?


4. Chapter 4

I walked inside to see Zayn sitting there and smiling at me. I pulled down my Jack Wills sweate sleaves down so he wont see my scars. I sat down and saw him take out his phone and text something and turned it off. 

"Hey.." i said waiting for the responce and I was scared shitless really. 

"Hey Sarah, listen I want to tell you I'm sorry. I'm sorry for all the bullying and punching, I simply dont know why he started hurting you! Please accept my apology" i looked at him and saw the pain in his eyes and nodded. 

"Thank you Sarah. Would you like any coffee? I will buy it."

 "I dont want to make you spend money Zayn." 

"It's fine...."he got up and left, I realized he forgot his phone. I heard it buzz and I looked at the text and got curious.

From: Harry

"Hey Zayn! I wanted to know if you wanna hang out? Where are you anyway? Anyway man, text me back!" -Hazzaxx

I laughed at his signtaure seeing how cute it is. Zayn came back and gave me some coffee and he sat down and looked at the text and than I looked out the window to see it was pouring rain! Just great! How am I gonna walk home? I got so frustrated I groaned and the coffee, at the corner of my eye I saw Zayn look at me.

 "Anything wrong love?" 

"Ya, I walked here so I have no car and its raining, plus we have school tomorrow! Crap.." 

"Dont worry, you can stay at my place for the night if you would like?" 

"Sure. Let me tell my mom." I got out my phone and texted my mom.

From: Sarah

Hey mom, I'm gonna stay at my friends house since it's raining. May I?' -Cutter</3

I waited for the reply and than it came instantly.

From: Mom

Sure hun! If it rains tomorrow again, you dont have to go to school. Love you! -Mom<3

I looked at Zayn and I saw him looking at my texting signature.

"Cutter? You c-cut hun, why?" 

"Well, Harry, before he met you, he would still bully me and say mean things and once I went home and started cutting. Next day I go to school and he finds out and named me 'Cutter' for the rest of my life. I am so happy that he forgot about it." 

"Listen hun, I am very sorry...I really am." 

"It's fine Zayn, you really never did anything." he smiled than took my hand and led me to the car and I sat in. It was a very nicecar. A black ferrari with balck leather seats and is very clean! We drove all the way to his house and he led me in this huge house. It was beautiful house with a huge living room and a big kitchen and the backyard had a pool and jacuzzi with a cover over it so the cold water wont go in. 

"This is beautiful Zayn but where is your mom?"

"She went on a business trip for a year and don't worry. I texted her when I offered to you and she said it was fine." I smiled and than I got cold. 

"Are you cold love?" 

"Ya..that jacuzzi looks tempting.." 

"I can lend you my moms swimsuit so we can go in." 

"Thank you Zayn but...." 

"Please love?" 

"Fine" he took me ustairs and gave me a swimsuit and than I changed into it in the bathroom with was huge! I got worried about my cuts showing but I didnt care anymore. I walked out to see Zayn is his swim trunks. 

"Wow, you look amazing." 

"Thanks" I said than looked down to see my cuts were healed already, thank god. We went outside and once I got in it felt so good. He came in and than sat down with me than I saw him looking at my breasts knowing he enjoyed the open cleavage. I blushed than we started to talk.

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