I'm in Love with my Bully, Harry Styles. Book 1

Sarah Holmes is an average teenage girl but she has a secret..she gets bullied by Harry Styles. Will she fall for her bully when the get more physical? Or will the connection be more professional?


3. Chapter 3

I walked away and went home. I went home to see my dog Dora and my mom cooking food. I had an amazing family but my mom divorced and I am happy for her since my dad always abused her. 

"Hi mom!"

"Hi Sarah! I made some steak so do your homework and it will be cooked by than"

"Ok mom" i took out my homework and I started to work. My dog jumped and sat next to me looking at what I was working on. I was doing math and it was very easy for me since I am a straight A student. I loved having good grades, since I had good grades I had and Iphone to call and text and I really appreciated it when my mom bought it for me. I finished my homework and I decided to text Zayn. I took out the number and sent him a text.

From: Unkown Number

Hey Zayn, its me Sarah! Just wanted you to know that I really appreciate it that you will help me. 
Bye xx Sarah :)

"Sarah, steak is ready!" i got up and my dog followed me. I saw my mom give a steak to Dora and she started eating it. I sat down and put some corn and mashed potato and digged in. After I finished and my mom did, I got our dishes and washed them so my mom wont have to. 

"Mom I'm gonna go upstairs."


"And thanks mom that was delicious!" i walked upstairs than my phone buzzed. It was a text from Zayn.

From: Zayn

Hey, happy that you texted me. Want to go get some coffee? 
Zayn xx

I than replied.

From: Sarah

Sure. I will meet you there in 5 
Sarah xx

I took some money and went downstairs and told my mom I was going to the Starbucks and she approved so I walked there and saw Zayn sitting down inside.

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