Can I trust you ?

Sofia is in a great relationship with Niall while her cousin and best friend are dating Louis and Zayn. Will the girls find out the boys secrets , will their relationships fall apart or will Sofia try saving them


2. Remembrance

       Sofia's POV 

We're at the mall and we walk straight into JC Penny's they have the cutest collard shirts. There I buy two collard shirts one that is white and has black skulls and another one for my sister that is sorta line green. After JC Penny's we go into Delia's ,there we just look around and buy a lipgloss or two. After Delia's we were really starting to get hungry so we go to the food court since there was no food that we actually wanted we got a Jamba Juice I get a pineapple smoothie and she gets strawberry kiwi. After our delicious smoothies we decide to go to target. At target I get a tiger beat magazine on the cover I see the band one direction on the cover I really like them but my parents couldn't get me tickets to their meet and greet. Instead if looking through the magazine I just hold it and look for Zavahna. I find Zavahna in the beauty aisle looking for a nail polish to go with her purple dress she bought for the dance next week. After that Zavahna drives me home and goes across the street to her house. I unlock the door to my house and look for my mom but I guess she's still at work so I just go up to my room , hang up my new clothes, jump on my bed , get out my magazine , and call my other friend Felicia. I told her everything that happened that day making sure to leave out Zavahna cause they got in a fight last month and Felicia doesn't like Zavahna. I'm just finishing my story when I flip the magazine page and NIALL HORAN IS RIGHT THERE with his adorable blue eyes and beautiful smile. I was so overwhelmed that I told Felicia I had to go and call Niall instead 

      Niall's POV

I feel my phone buzz in my pocket and answer it "Hello" I say sleepily so I clear my throat "Hey Niall " I hear a familiar voice say and then I realize its Sofia. I'm really happy she called me but I try to keep my cool. "What's up " I say " I was wondering if you wanted to see a movie with me tomorrow night ?" she says " Sure , umm I'll pick you up around 1:00 if that's ok with you " "Sounds like a plan " she says. 

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