Can I trust you ?

Sofia is in a great relationship with Niall while her cousin and best friend are dating Louis and Zayn. Will the girls find out the boys secrets , will their relationships fall apart or will Sofia try saving them


9. How could you?

Zavahna's POV 

After the show I go looking for zayn but I can't find him anywhere so I ask Niall where he is. "He might be backstage" I go looking backstage and what I see breaks my heart. Felicia and zayn are making out. I don't know if zayn kissed her first or if she did but it doesn't matter. Obviously they don't see me cause they just keep standing there kissing while I'm standing here crying my eyes out. When their done kissing Zayn sees me crying and says " Zavahna I'm so sorry she came up to me and we just started kissing". " Ya I'm sure she just came up to you, you could have stopped her but you just kept kissing her " I say sobbing " Zava-"" No stop I don't want to hear it you're just the bad boy who breaks every girls heart" " Zavahna I promise you nothing was going on why would I even kiss her" he says leaning over to hug me " no get away from me don't touch me " I say still crying " I'll forgive you when I want right now I just need sometime to be  alone " I say starting to walk away. After what just happened I go to Sofia telling her everything while I'm still crying. She asked me if I could tell Niall what happened and I tell her yes. To cheer me up we go hey some frozen yogurt. "Thanks for helping me guys now and have to find the right time to forgive him". 

      Sofia's POV 

 We're just about to leave the yogurt shop when I hear Niall scream wait , I turn around and I can see him running towards me " you forgot something" he says. This puts a confused look on my face "this" he says giving me a long slow kiss 

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