Can I trust you ?

Sofia is in a great relationship with Niall while her cousin and best friend are dating Louis and Zayn. Will the girls find out the boys secrets , will their relationships fall apart or will Sofia try saving them


5. Beach/Mall/School

      Sofia's POV

I wake up to the sound of my phone ringing,knowing its Zavahna I picked it up right away "Hey do you still want to go to the beach today?" I hear her say "Ya definatly I was wondering if you were mad at me from yesterday?"" No not at all as long as you were happy with Niall that's ok with me " hearing her say this makes me happy. "Ummm what time do you want to leave and we can't stay there long cause we have school tomorrow and I still need a present for Rachel remember " I say sounding sort of demanding  " I was thinking we go at 12:00 and stay till 2 to 3 " she says "k bye see you at twelve " we say at the same time. At the beach me and Zavahna find a place not to close to the waves and put sunscreen on each others backs we tan and talk and then tan again. "That was nice ok let's go home and change and then well go to the mall" she says. At them all I end up getting Rachel (my cousin) a hunger games blanket. The next day I go to school and find Rachel coming out of math class "Hey Rachel " I call out and start to run towards her, when I finally catch up to her I give her her present "Happy birthday and happy  anniversary with Joseph how are things working out ?" Me saying this brings a tear to her eye " we broke up um things weren't working out" "Rachel Im so sorry" " Its ok j dont mind" after talking to Rachel I feel really bad so I go to biology and see Niall "Hey you were never in biology at this time" I tell him "Oh ya surprise I changed my classes so I could be with you" he says "Awww that's so sweet meanwhile Rachel and her boyfriend just broke up I was wondering if you could call Louis for her and we could surprise her "Ya that shouldn't be that hard" he says " Thanks babe you're the best". In biology the teacher tells is to get together jn groups of three, since Niall is now in that class I go with him. We ask the teacher if we can just go in a group of two but she tells us no. "Great now what do we do all that's left is Eric and I'm still mad at him from 8th grade so I guess we're stick with Trevin" "Don't be mad trevins a really smart kid and he can help us. In biology we dissect frogs it was really gross. Next class is math which I'm really good t so it goes by quick. At lunch I meet up with Niall and Zavahna I would hand put with Felicia but she's always with her friend. "Hey Sof I what do you think if I do the talent show" asked Niall "I thinks it's amazing what are you going to be doing" " We'll I was thinking me and the test of the boys can perform" he tells me. "That'll be really good but when is 

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