Can I trust you ?

Sofia is in a great relationship with Niall while her cousin and best friend are dating Louis and Zayn. Will the girls find out the boys secrets , will their relationships fall apart or will Sofia try saving them


1. The boy

  Sofia's POV 

      "Yes 50 to 80 " I say looking at my friend Zavahna sitting next to me "Lucky shot " she says frowning "can we play another game ?I really don't like ski ball" "Sure" I say "but I'm really thirsty can we get some drinks first?" " Ya sure , uhhh can you get me a lemonade and add some ice too will ya ?"  " Ya I'll be right back with them" I go to the counter and order two lemonades. I look up to see a cute boy with the most gorgeous blue eyes ever he tell me that it'll be twenty dollars in his adorable Irish accent. "Excuse me?" he says making me snap back to reality. "Oh ya " I say "here's the money" he takes the money from me laughing a little. He comes back with my drinks and says "Hi my name is Niall". I introduce myself and before I can stop it me and Niall start to talk we tell each other about ourselves and what we like to do for fun  stuff like that I just hope Zavahna isn't getting mad waiting for me. 

      Zavahna's POV 

 Ughhhh where is Sofia ,I think to myself, how long does it take for someone to get 2 lemonades 2. For once in my life I don't want I be blown off for someone else. I was about to get up and go look for Sofia when I see her running towards me her face is more pink than the day Eric held her hand (Eric was her crush since like the fifth grade). When she finally gets to me I'm about to scream at her when she says " I got a boys number " she says while panting "He looked really familiar but I don't know from where ". I'm so happy for her she hasn't been into a boy that much since the day Eric dumped her the day before her b-day. We are so worn out and tired we decided to walk around the mall and see what's there. 

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