Looking From A Different Perspective

Leroy Ardent is a senior in High school and employer at El Taco Mas, who sees the world as a negative and sad place to live in until he meets Jessica Taylor and she shows him how to look at the world in a different perspective; a happier and more positive way. Not only does she change the way he looks at life but she gives him the real chance to really and truly feel it for the first time; by finding love.


2. We will meet again

Her dark brown hair reached all the way down to her hip and swayed back and forth as she audaciously made her way to the cash register. With out a sudden thought I set my cleaning supplies up against the wall and raced for my place at the cash register. 

     Rick, my fellow coworker was now the one working behind the register but I wanted to take back my spot so that I can use this as an opportunity to talk with this mysterious girl. So I slid behind the counter and casually nudged him and said.


      "Hey Rick, would you be a jem and let me take over for a little while?" I sneaked him a quick wink to let him in on my intentions.

      "Oh, sure... hey wait! what if I get in trouble?" Rick exclaimed.

      "Well what if I give you a part of my next paycheck?" 

      "well... alright Leroy you've got a deal!"


   Rick left and I gladly stood behind the cash register and in front of the brown haired girl.  She was about a foot away from me, her eyes looking up at the food menu, still contemplating on what she would order. She removed her eyes from the menu and walks closer to me. 


      "Excuse me, do you have any vegetarian options?" she politely asked.

      "Vegetarian!" Someone from the kitchen snickered. "In a fast food restaurant?!" They   continued.  

   She started to look imbaressed and her cheeks changed to a light blush red.

         "Hey don't worry, that was a perfectly fine question to ask. We have a few options for you. What about a plain salad?" I offered. 

          "Yeah" She answered with a smile and sign of relief. "That sounds great."

    Just as I was about to tell her the salad's money amount Welma comes stomping her way towards me.

           "Hey Leroy your not supposed to be here! Wheres Rick?"

           "Umm I thought I could take his place for a little while."

           "Okay fine, but u should of checked with me." She angrly exclaimed as she walked away.

           "What is wrong with the people you work with? Is it getting too hot in the kitchen or are they just tired of looking like red tomatoes?" She adorably joked.

           "haha" I just laughed and popped my collar. "Well I think I work this outfit pretty well."

           I playfully replied and rubbed my hand through my thick brown hair. 

           "Oh don't get me wrong you wear it way better then anyone else here but you still look like a tomato." She giggled.

           "Why thank you mi lady, I take that as a compliment, coming from a vegetarian." And I give her a wink.

          "Very clever" She playfully answered.

           While she paid for her meal and I gave her the change we exchanged smiles and some occurences of eye contact.

           When I handed her the plain salad she slipped a piece of paper into my front shirt pocket and left the restaurant. 

          I reached inside my pocket, pulled it out and read what I expected to be a phone number until I realized it was only half of a number. "Maybe you'll get the other half if we ever meet again tomato." She wrote.

        "We will meet again" I confidently whispered to myself silently.

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