Looking From A Different Perspective

Leroy Ardent is a senior in High school and employer at El Taco Mas, who sees the world as a negative and sad place to live in until he meets Jessica Taylor and she shows him how to look at the world in a different perspective; a happier and more positive way. Not only does she change the way he looks at life but she gives him the real chance to really and truly feel it for the first time; by finding love.


1. El Taco Mas

On a Friday evening at El Taco Mas the line of customers exceeds to a new high while the employers and I are working diligently inside its corridors of anxiety. 

     Today is officially my first real day working here and I already feel like quitting. For starters, my Boss; Wilma Wilson treats me as if she has forgotten that this is my first day. Which explains why I am now cluelessly sitting behind a cash register with no real idea to what I am doing. I'm also very bad at dealing with any type of stress and this job involves every kind of stress; the stress of working fast (hence the fact that this is a fast food restraunt), dealing with angry customers, and having to wear our work uniform in public. I feel like an extremley large ketchup bottle taking orders while I'm wearing this all red apparel.


"Leroy!" Yells my boss.  Oh did she finally realize that I need help? I anxiously asked myself.

"Your done working at the cash register, go clean around the eating area." Yes! I excitedly jumped and grabbed the broom and dust pan. This is considered a break for me considering how cleaning is far easier then working the register. 

   As I was exiting the front area of the store and walking towards the dining room my gut felt sort of twisted and I could feel my heart slightly jump when I caught the eyes of a girl entering the restraunt. Her eyes looked green from wear I was standing but when she noticed me staring at her and glimpsed back at me the sun reflected off of them and revealed a light blue color. This girl is a complete stranger to me and yet she has already taken my breath away.

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