Riding on Life (One Direction)

The roller coaster of life takes Odessa (Dessie) on a crazy ride bumping her into the one and only Zayn Malik of One Direction. What ups and downs are ahead? Maybe even a few loops?


3. Parting is such Sweet Sorrow.

~Loren's POV~


We exit the ride gushing over the awesomness of it. We all head back to where Odessa said she would meet us. As she comes into sight, I notice someone is sitting with her. And it's a boy! I gasp in excitement. I know she hates being a 5th wheel all the time. I quickly grab Cassie's wrist and jerk her backwards from Bret, of course both he and Chad stopped and looked at us.

"Oh my God!!! Oh my God!! Oh my God!!!!" I squeal. 

"What?" Cassie questions my actions. 

"Look," I say pointing to Odessa and the boy. Cassie smiles and squeals as well. Our boys just look confused.



~Odessa's POV~


My friends walk closer and closer. I realize they noticed Zayn when I see Loren and Cassie squealing, and quite loudly too. I roll my eyes. I focus back on the boy in front of me. "So tell me about yourself?" He asks oh so lovely. 

Before I can answer, my friends arrive at the scene. Loren and Cassie each taking a seat on either side of me. The boys remain standing behind us.

"Helloooooo," Loren cheers.

"Um, hi." Zayn responds slightly uncomfortable. 

I introduce each of my friends to Zayn and they exchange hellos. 



~Zayn's POV~


Four people come up to our table, and Odessa introduces me. I kindly say hello to each of them. I see the brunette, I believe she is Loren, whisper something in Odessa ear. Her eyes widen as she laughs. Man, I wish I knew what she said. Loren hops up out of her seat pulling Odessa up with her. "Well Zayn," she begins. "We are going to go ride some bumper cars or something. You are welcome to join us." She smiles widely, hoping I say yes.

"Well, I would love to, but I don't want to get to lost from the lads." I explain. I don't want Odessa to go. 

"Aw that's too bad. Dessie was really looking forward to spending some more time with you." She teases. Dessie? I see Odessa swat her arm. Oh, a nickname I see. Clearly she is a little embarrassed. She's blushing.

"Not really." Odessa defends. My confident drops slightly. She must have noticed, for she quickly reacts. "Not that I don't think it would be fun, just...like..it's no big deal." She lets out a small breath.

"It's fine." I reassure her as I stand. 

The blonde, Cassie I think, stands as well. "Well, I guess we best get going." She suggests.

"Yeah..." Odessa sighs. "You guys go on. I will only be a sec."

"Kk boo." Loren smiles. And the four begin to walk away.

I shift my eyes to look at Odessa. "So....Dessie?" I tease.

"Oh shut up. " She shoves my shoulder. Her hand leaves my body too quickly. I don't want her to leave. "So I must thank you." She says unexpectedly.

"What?" I mumble.

"I said I need to thank you." Before I can ask why, she explains. "I thought this day was going to suck. That I was gonna get ditched and be alone most of the day, but you save me form that." She smiles at me, then looks down and tucks her hair behind her ear. I can't hide the smile that grows across my face. 

"It was my pleasure," I ensure her. 

"Well...I guess I should caught up with them." She turns to walk away. I grab her hand. She looks back at me.

I quickly drop it and apologize. I didn't even realize what I was doing. I rub my hand on the back of my neck nervously and take a deep breath in. "So..." I begin.

"So what?" She asks curiously.

"Do you think..that maybe, I could get your number?" I can feel my palms becoming sweaty.

She giggles and replies, "Sure." I let out a small sigh of relief. I didn't want to have this be our only encounter. I watch her carefully as she writes out a 10 digit number on a slip of paper and hands it to me. I know I have the goofiest smile on my face, but I'm ecstatic. I mean she's gorgeous.

"I will definitely call you." I wink at her. She blushes. 

"Talk to you soon then. Bye Zayn." She walks away to find her friends. I do a slight fist pump in the air.



~Louis's POV~


"Okay, lads, we will most definitely be coming back to this one later," Niall announces. 

Liam agrees, "I could be down for that."

"Absolutely. Now let's find our mate," I say referring to our missing band member, Zayn. We stroll back towards the small food shack Niall noticed earlier. "There he is," I shout.

"Who's with him?" Harry questions. We all notice the girl Harry referred to. Hmm. Who is she? 

As we walk closer, I observe the lean girl hand Zayn a small piece of paper. A phone number perhaps? He fists pumps in the air as we reach him. I chuckle. He hasn't noticed us standing there yet. "Happy about something?" I remark. He jumps slightly.

"Um not really." He lies.

"Dude, come one. Don't even try that." Harry calls him out. "We totally saw you get her digits." Is he blushing?

"Well, yeah, but..." he tries to explain before Niall cuts him off.

"Whatever happened we can hear about later. I need some food and look, a magical food stand." He jokes. We laugh.

"Okay, okay Niall. Let's grab some." Liam pulls him towards the counter. 

Zayn is trying to hide it, but he has the dorkiest smile on his face. "Hate to break it to you, but there is no hiding the smile." His cheeks flush red. The smile remains on his face.



A/N: So so soooo sorry I haven't posted in like a week. Last week was super hectic with my colorguard practices and football game Friday. And on top of that, I started school today. But anywho, here it is. I promise to try and update quicker loves. So when will they meet again? And don't you just love the way the boys mess with each other? Tell me what you think :)

xo kisses *NiallsWanker





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