Riding on Life (One Direction)

The roller coaster of life takes Odessa (Dessie) on a crazy ride bumping her into the one and only Zayn Malik of One Direction. What ups and downs are ahead? Maybe even a few loops?


1. Amusement

~Odessa's POV~

I like amusement parks......okay, not really. I may not look like it, but I'm scared of roller coasters. All my friends love them. But I was still getting drug along with my 2 best friends and their boyfriends. I was also the only single one of the bunch. And we're here. Fantastic. Note my sarcasm. At least I could get some good food. Maybe this won't be so bad. As soon as we got through the gate, everyone sprints to the line for The Time Machine, the biggest coaster in the park. I let out a sigh as I walk slowly. They are out of sight when I reach the ride. I sit down at a table at the little shack restaurant and waited.



~Zayn's POV~

I love to hangout with the lads and amusement parks are cool, but I'm not a fan of some rides, such as roller coasters. I don't like them. PERIOD. At least I could get out and do something. "We're here." Paul said. Great. I thought to myself. "Thank you old chap." Louis chants as he hops out of the van. We go into the park and the rest of the guys race to the giant coaster they saw. Niall stops at a food stand, but Louis grabs and drags him as he continues running. I walk. They are somewhere in line when I reach the ride. I lean on a pole and scan my surroundings. I see this shack food stand with tables. I start to go sit down when I see her. She looks so lovely, but one question crosses my mind: Why was a beautiful girl like her sitting alone? I felt this strong urge to talk to her. I took a moment to gain my confidence. I take a deep breath and walk toward the lone girl.




A/N: Hey guys. So this is my first fan fiction ever. I know this is short but I wrote it literally 292 days ago. I totally forgot about it. And sorry if the tense is off; I originally wrote it in past tense and changed it to present tense. Now I'm starting it for real this time! So let me know what you think :)

xo kisses *NiallsWanker




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