i love u

louis meets a girl named bell he falls I love with her she dosent know it


3. me and louis

I love Louis we spend as much time as possible together  we always have the best time together me and Louis do things with the baby all the time to and Louis still has  time  to wright his songs with the boys that makes everybody happy im always happy with Louis Louis is always happy with me I spend time with the babey as much as I can when I cant I bring her to her baby sitter me and Louis whent to the carnival tonight then we watched tv  then we went to bed I woke up fed the baby and then I spent time with Louis wile the baby was asleep I don't know why but Louis makes me happy all the time he never fails me and I never failed Louis eather I like to spend time with Louis we go to the movies all the time we spend almost every second together I love Louis so much im so happy

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