i love u

louis meets a girl named bell he falls I love with her she dosent know it


1. bellas life

I was walking into school one day  when I saw a boy standing there looking at me it was werid so I just walked to class when I walked Into math class I saw Louis sitting by my seat so I sat down he looked at me and he couldent take his eyes off me so I just looked at the frount of the room then the teacher came in and Louis looked up at the frount of the room the day went by fast so I walked home and did my home work Louis lived next door to me so he came over I opend the door  he was there I looked at him and said what are u doing here  he said I came over cause I saw how easy math was for u ad I needed a little help will u help me and I said sure come on in we went up staires  he took out his math book then he kept looking at me I looked at him so what are u having trouble on amd he just keept looking at me.LOUISES P.O.V I couldendt stop looking at her I came over just so I could spend time with her having trouble with math was just an exues  I really whant to ask her out but I don't know when then it came out I yelled will u go out with me and then I coverd my mouth.BELLS .P.O.V. when he asked me out I slowly said yesi seen the looked on his face he was so happy it made my giggle then he asked if I could go to his hous tomoro and I said yes then he leftso I laid on my bed thinking I was dating the hottest guy in school the next day I sat by Louis in math he kissed me on the lips and I smiledthen the teacher came in she was so crazy she made us make dog noises all of class it was so weired for me at the end of the day Louis drove me to his hous we did home work together then his parents left for the weekend louiss kissed me then he pushed me down on his bed I was nearves  but I dident do any thing the next dday I found out I was pregnant I was o scared Louis walked over to me and I stuttered when I said that I was pregnant  he freakedout  then he pulled me out of schooland brout me to his house and he went crazy I don't know why he did that he was the one who did it to me and we got into a fight then he said sorry to me right after then he said his friends are comeing over I said ok then they came over an hour later Louis told me there names harry, liam, niall, zayn they stayed for the weekend they were so nice I made some friends that weekend after that day all of us hung out a lot louis was making jokes all the time h was the funniest guy I've ever met i loved Louis so much he bought us a house to live in it was so big he got rich so I went on tour with them a lot we all did stupid stuff all the time  they made me laugh all the time I loved my life

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