fogive and forget wright??

Katie gets bullied at school and abused by her father.
nobody likes here .
everyday she gets punched and people say she is ugly and fat not only by the 5 boys naill liam zany harry and Louis but bye the hole school to
what happens when her bullies start to now what is happening at home and they want to tell Katie the truth why the bullied her will she commit suicide or will she forgive and forget


1. prologue

Katie pov

I was running, running for my life.

I didn't want to get punched this was the first time the really hurt me, the always go around and call me names , but now I guess  we got older.

I still cant believe THE one direction bullies me and now the hole school to.

I guess nobody likes me or wants me not even my dad.

after dad my mom died in a car crash he keeps getting drunk and abusing me .

I am just happy I still have my virginity.

I hide in a bush and here my name being called by a familiar British accent, Zayn.

I try to keep quiet  but I  snees , fuck my nose .

i get pulled out of the bush and thrown  on the grown




that's how everything really started

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