Baby steps

This is a story about four best friends discovering them selves through fashion


1. Bestest of friends

This story is a story about four young adults, Madi,Ann,Jason, and Cory. Jason met Madi in the sixth grade. The moment they started talking they instantly became best friends. They were united by there passion for art and design. They first met  Cory and Ann at Victoria's Secret while shopping for new perfume. They all loved Starbucks so they agreed to go there after they finished shopping. When they got to Starbucks there was a very long line. Jason groaned " Do we really have to wait in this long line?" Cory said " no we don't!" Then he snapped and walked to the very front of the line. "Hey Cory" said the cashier. "Hey Tanya! We want four cappuccinos with no whip and some chocolate and put cinnamon on the chocolate." Then they walked to a staircase that said "staff only. Cory said "follow me." Wait but it says staff only!" Madisson said nervously. "No prob girl I'm a VIP" replied Cory simply. Once they got there cappuccinos they talked and exchanged numbers. That's they story of how we met.

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