I'm in love with my best friend

I've always been the kind to hide away from the world, and hide my feelings, cause i've always been the one who's gotten hurt, but i recently met someone who i feel like everything is different with or at least i hope it will be


1. The first time i met him


A few years ago

I had gotten on the bus to go to school, when i saw a new student on the bus, and just by looking at him once i thought he was cute, and at first i didn't really talk to him because at that time i was really shy, but then one day on the bus, i just started talking to him, and ever since then we've been friends only theres a problem i want to be more then just his friend

*end of flashback*

Today was the first day of the school year and  i wasn't really all that excited to go back, but i did want to see my best friend who i was falling for his name is Michael he is really sweet, and he's there for me, and he's also really funny as well, but there's a problem.

I have another best friend named lily  who most people would ask me why am i friends with someone like her. well i couldn't really tell you why i'm friends with her, but the problem does involve her.

I told her that i liked Michael and ever since then she's always saying things like,

"well what if he starts talking to me, and he says i'm cute and wants to date me" or "what if he doesn't like you and doesn't want to date you but he wants to date me"

I never really know how to respond to that but all i know is she isn't really a friend if she keeps saying things like that, also i want to tell Michael how i feel about him, and that i like him

but how exactly should i tell him how i feel about him without it being weird or having him ignore me for the rest of the year,

I guess i'm just gonna have to figure out how to tell him and soon before lily ends up actually falling for him,


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