Miami's Story. (America's little sister.)

A Hetalia Axis Powers fan fiction. Miami is the little sister of America and none of the countries have ever met her. She is to join the meetings as America's spy. She infiltrates Germany's alliance and spies for America. bit something unexpected happens which leads to her giving America false information.


1. I'm Miami. It's nice to meet you.

"It's totally gonna be fine, Miami. Don't look so nervous. Oh, beware of France. He's a creepy Pervert." America sucks at making me feel better. Like beware pervy man is something I want to hear before I meet all of his friends.

Ah, why do I feel creeped out? I think to myself as I turn around to a creepy sight.

"heheh, who is this America?" standing in front of me with a very scary face was a tall man. "Oh, Russia it's just you. This is someone very important. I'll explane inside." "Aw, so I can't use my pipe then? Oh well." Russia said with a sadistic look.


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