More That Meets the Eye

I, Alexia Strong, live with my four brothers who are all normal, but me. I have a secret and only Louis Tomlinson knows. After Louis became famous I thought he'd forgotten about my secret, but nows he's back with his band looking of me. He found me and now he wont's something from me. If I don't do it he'll tell everyone about me, and how I'm a freak, and everyone will listen.


9. Day 2

Lexie's P.O.V

 I pulled away and wiped away the tears. My face doesn't red up like others. I pushed passed Louis and opened the door. There where four faces looking at me as I left. I pushed passed them and walked to the front door. I was stopped by something touching my upper arm. I couldn't help but that my eyes go red. I turned around and punched who ever it was holding me in the chest sending him flying. Niall was in front of me in seconds. He went to punch me, but never made contact. I held his left hand above my head. I pulled it downward making him fall. I kicked him across the room next to who was holding me earlier. Harry came at me next. I kept my thoughts to myself, not letting him in. He was down in seconds. Zayn walked in my direction. I went to punch him but he held my wrist. I had lost my version. Because Zayn had touched me it made me have his power giving me my sight back. I looked at him as he his smile went away.

"I got it now." I said before sending him backwards. I turned to see Louis at the end of the hall way. I opened the door, turned then ran out. I could still hear Louis. He was yelling 

"Don't! She can't get that far!" Because I had speed I was about a mile away in a mater of minutes. I stopped running because I need food. Then I stopped walking too and before I could stop myself I was on the ground. I wasn't asleep when the found me, I was wide wake but couldn't move. I felt strong arms rap around me. I felt my body being picked up, I wanted to close my eyes so I wouldn't have to look at the five faces, but they stayed open. I looked at everyone. Harry had a black eye, Liam had bruises on his arms, Niall had a black eye too and bruises all over him, Zayn had a couple bruises around his body but not as bad as everyone else, I looked at Louis, I could see pain and hurt in his eyes. Zayn had his hands in his front jean pockets.

"Take me back." I said. They looked at me.

"We will, we'll be back home in a few minutes." Liam said.

"That's not what she means." Harry said.

"Take me back to the school." I said. Liam in shock dropped me. I started to stand up.

"Why?" Liam asked.

"I don't won't to hurt you guys again." I said and looked down.

"I can teach you to control it." Louis said.

"Just let her go back. I mean really we can't hide her forever." Niall said. I looked at him.

"What does he mean?" I asked Louis.

"Nothing. C'mon, do you wont to control it?" He said grabbing my wrist.

"I don't think you should do that I'm still a little upset." I said. He dropped my wrist.

"Get in." Harry said pointing to the van.

"I think I'll walk next to it." I said.

"You wont be able to keep up." Niall said.

"Race me." I said. He took off run and I followed. I got there first waited at the door.

"Finally!" I said as I saw Niall.

"What the-" He started. I had collapsed. "Oh my god Lexie!" Niall said and ran to my side. I had a powerful shock hit my neck then another.

"Make it stop!" I yelled.

"Lexie!" Niall yelled. My hand flu up to my neck.

"Niall it's shocking me." I said. He had pulled me into his arms.

"What?! What's shocking you!?" He yelled. Another shock hit me and I know he could feel it.

"With that power it's going to kill me before Louis gets here." I said.

"No I wont let that happen!" He screamed. Another hit. I closed my eyes in pain.

"Niall, I can't, it hurts so much." I said. I was trying heard to keep my eyes open. Niall grabbed the back of my neck.

"You can read minds right?" He asked. I nodded. "Send something to Louis, tell him what's happening, he can stop it." He said. I nodded.

Harry! I sent. Harry, somethings happing to me, I'm being shocked, tell Louis that he needs to stop it and that-that-that I love him. I felt my eyes close.

"No! Lex! Keep them open!" Niall screamed. There was another shock. My whole body moved. Make it stop Louis. I thought. "Louis." Niall said. I tried to open my eyes.

"I need space!" He yelled. Niall put me down and another shock hit me.

"Make it stop." I said.

"Lex open your eyes." He said.

"I-I-I can't" I said.

"I can't stop it, it's in her body if I try she'll die, she has to do." He said.

"How? She doesn't have your power!" Niall said.

"Touch, she can touch you to get it. That's how she got mine." Zayn said.

"You'll have to kiss me, it wont work I can't feel anything." I said. I had opened my eyes just a little. Another shock it me.

"Just make it stop." I said.

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