More That Meets the Eye

I, Alexia Strong, live with my four brothers who are all normal, but me. I have a secret and only Louis Tomlinson knows. After Louis became famous I thought he'd forgotten about my secret, but nows he's back with his band looking of me. He found me and now he wont's something from me. If I don't do it he'll tell everyone about me, and how I'm a freak, and everyone will listen.


5. Day 1

Alexia's P.O.V

 A few hours later the door was unlocked. My eyes were close. They popped open as I felt the handcuffs taking off. I sat up and looked at my wrist. They were scared form them. i was pulled off the bed. I hit the hard wood floor. I slowly got up.

"You know I've been thorn a lot today." I said as the light turned on. His short brown hair that was spiked up in the front, his soft brown eyes, was a face I know so well. "Adam." I said as I felt my knees become weak. 

"Lexie! Wake up! Wake up!" Adam said. My eyes flu open as I popped up. I hit something hard on top of me. "What the heck!" He yelled. Rolling off the bed and hit the floor. I tried to move my hair out of my face but my hands were still cuffed.

"Can you get this off of me?" I asked as Liam got off the floor. He walked over to where my right hand was cuffed. My hand fell free and did the other. I looked to see deep red marks on my wrist. blood fell out of my left wrist. "Ouch." I said getting off the bed so I wouldn't bleed on it.

"Wow, Lex, where do you think your going?" Liam asked. My eyes didn't leave my badly hurt wrist.

"Louis!" I yelled. He ran down the hall.

"What?" He asked. I looked at him then back at my wrist. "Oh my god Lexie. Get me the first aid." He said picking me up and carrying me the the couch. Zayn looked at my bleeding wrist and then looked at my feet.

"Her feet." He said. Lou looked at my ankles.

"Lexie what happened?" He asked as Liam came back with the first aid. "Keep your eyes open!" Louis said slapping me lightly.

"I'm trying." I said. I guess he could see the light in my eyes go out. I popped up. This time I was on the couch. Four eyes where on me. The frith head was lowered.

"Lou." I said. "Is this a dream?" I asked. His head slowly came up.

"I thought I lost you." He said hugging me.

"So that wasn't a dream?" I asked.

"No. Sweets that wasn't a dream. I thought you where gone." He said. I could feel tears on my back.

"I'm a fighter. It'll take more then that to kill me." I said. He pulled away. His eyes all red and puffie. His hand hit my face making me look to the left

"That's for almost dyeing." He said. Well then. I thought.

"Dinner or lunch. I don't know what time it is." I said standing up.

"You know how to cook?" Niall asked raising both eyebrows.

"Yeah." I said nodding.

"Finally someone who can cook." Harry said thoughing his head back. I popped my neck really loudly.

"What do you want?" I asked.

"You know how to make muddie buddies, right?" Louis asked I nodded.

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