More That Meets the Eye

I, Alexia Strong, live with my four brothers who are all normal, but me. I have a secret and only Louis Tomlinson knows. After Louis became famous I thought he'd forgotten about my secret, but nows he's back with his band looking of me. He found me and now he wont's something from me. If I don't do it he'll tell everyone about me, and how I'm a freak, and everyone will listen.


4. Day 1

Alexia's P.O.V

 I guess I fell asleep cause I was waking up form Louis shacking me.

"Huh?" I said trying to wake up.

"Put this on." Louis said pulling me out of the van and toughing another jumpsuit at me. I got up and looked at him. "What?" He said turning me around and pushing me into the house.

"Where can I change?" I asked after he closed the door. He pointed to the first door on the left. "Thanks." I said and walked to it. It was a bathroom. I slipped off the jumpsuit I was wearing a put on the one Louis gave to me. This one didn't have sleeves it was strapless it was all black like the other one it stopped at my ankles. I put back on the all black boots that stopped at my knees. I pulled my long blonde hair out of the pony tail it was in and put it out of and put it over my shoulders. I walked out of the bathroom and Louis got up of the couch everyone looked at him as he made his way to me.

"Turn around." He said stopping about a inch away form me. I turned and I could feel his hot breath on the back of my neck. The was a small pinch and then I watched as the necklace drop to the ground.

"You're letting me use my powers?" I asked turning around to look at him.

"Well some. That suit is like the neckless it will shock you when you use a power that is, well that should t be used." He said as his 'groupies' came up behind him. I tried to smile.

"Where am I sleeping?" I asked not taking my eyes off of Louis.

"There. We're sharing the bed." He said pointing to the second door on the right then flashed a big smile. I fake smiles back. Great, I thought.

"You know I can hear your thoughts, right?" Harry said. My eyes flicked to him. Then you can tell what I can do, and will do to you. I thought. His left eyebrow went up.

"Guys give us some space." Louis said putting his hands up. He took my wrist and lead me to his room.

"Louis. Stop. Please!" I said before he closed and locked the door.

"You said you'd do anything if I didn't bring you to the school." He said. He sounded angry.

"I will just not this." I said pointing to the bed. "Please don't make me do that." I said. "I'm only 18. Louis." I said softly.

"You said anything!" He yelled coming closer to me. I looked down. "You did say anything." He said picking up my chin.

"Just wait till I ask. Please, Lou." I said softly. Before I could look down again Louis lips where on mine. I pushed him off of me making him hit the wall behind him. "Louis!" I yelled as his body hit the ground. "Louis, I'm sorry." I said with tears in my eyes. I helped him up. He pushed me onto the bed. "Lou-" I started.

"Shout up!" He snapped. He pulled out two pares of handcuffs and handcuffed me to the bed. He walked out of the room locking the door behind him. I was locked in.

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