Caring For You


Emily is Junior at Horseheads High School. Everything is normal, until she becomes popular. All the boys wanted her and all the girls wanted to be her. Her girl best friends are Molly Bougerouis, Tatum Benesh, Rachel Brennen, an d Lia Cicconi. Her guy best friends are Cameron Wagner, Stephen Andryshak, Peter Grella, and Michael Burns. Emily's crush is Tyler Rogan. But Sadly he is taken by the evil Kylee Hubbell, Emily's worst enemy. What Will Happen later in the year that will change her life forever? Read To Find Out!


9. Not a chapter

oh my gosh guys. I FUCKING HATE HIGH SCHOOL!!!!  I sit with a full table at lunch but no one will talk to me. its ridiculous. I want to strangle every fucking bitch at this school. I literaly have only one friend. and I only see her during lunch and activity that's it. Ugh my computer is being stupid so I might not be posting until this weekend. I know im sorry bby's  well bed time for me. Good night


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